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What To Do With $115


I want everyone's opinion on this: Trying to gain 10lbs-15lbs with minimal fat gain.
Also increasing strength and power is of prime importance. I am following the Quality Mass Diet. I got $115 to spend on supplements. What would yall do with the $115 supplement wise. Note you dont have to use all of the $115. Thanks yall. This site is the best on the damn internet.


Metbolic Drive, Metabolic Drive Complete, Surge, AFTER making sure you have MORE than enough REAL FOOD!!!

As for others need more info on you, age, weight training age etc..


I would pick up some Alpha Male and some tubs of Surge.


i would stock my fridge with clean bulking food. supps are over rated in relation to diet.

i mean, what are two bottles of Alpha Male going to do for you that 115 items off the dollar menu wouldnt crush? sorry to say if you are going to try to keep it clean you are going to be eating 115 small wendys chilis.

i would get down and dirty with about 75 double cheeseburgers and 40 chilis. Oh, and train like hell.


I know it's said a lot, but what you really need is a lot of food, not supplements. We don't know your stats and what you're currently doing, so it's hard to tell what you should buy.


I'd buy 10-15lbs of premium grade lean mince beef. Mission accomplished and you should have a tidy sum left over.


One month gym fees: $30
Food shop: $85
Total: $115

Eat a lot and lift heavy


Get some multi-vitamins, fish-oils and protien powder and then go buy yourself something pretty.


What are your stats right now? How long you been training?


Use the $115.00 to join a gym or buy a weight set. If you have to ask what supplements to buy, you don't need them.


Damn I'm a dumbass, seriously. Stats are this 6'1 190 22 years old been training hard for a year now. As for the diet I am using Chris Shugarts Mass Diet and its been working. As for the workouts I am in week three of Joe Defranco's West Side for
Skinny bastard's program.

I really just want to cut through the bull and find out what to get or really what is worth it. Alright everybody thanks for the imput and sweat blood.


My favorites are any of the protein powders here (you should look at them all and compare which ones you'd use personally), Creatine, ZMA, and DEFINITLEY some Flameout.

If you can afford Surge, I'd get that as well.

Is this $115 what you have available for each month?


I think he said with minimal fat gain.


Where the F**K do you pay $30 a month for a gym ??!!


5 Lb. Jugs Whey Protein
Power Drive (For CNS recovery)


Also, some type of fish oil, creatine, and Greens+ to put in your shakes.

Buy all this AFTER buying all the food you need.

Personally I would spent most of that $115 on good clean healthy tastey foooooood. I love food I cannot get enough.


Practically every commercial gym.


30 lbs of chicken
20 lbs of steak
30 lbs of brown rice
50 cans of sodium free green beans


Buy 115 tins of tuna in olive oil. Eat one per day on top of whatever you are eating already.

Or something similar.

$115 on supplements doesn't get you a good bang for your buck, if you cannot afford to spend that regularly, then don't bother. Get your normal diet in tip top shape and make sure you get enough rest and enough exercise.

Alternatively, buy an X-vest, load it with weights, wear it every chance you get and run with it.



I wish I was wiser with my scholarship money when I had it. Definitely go for real food if you're a newbie.