What to do with $1,000?

[quote]usmccds423 wrote:

[quote]Phoenix44e wrote:
Rules: I will not be using this to pay off debt [/quote]
If you have debt of any kind this is a really dumb rule. [/quote]
Agreed. Pretty strange asterisk to put on a significant chunk of change.

With that said, presuming you have little actual debt, you could combine this windfall with your other thread about starting over physically.

[quote]Phoenix4ee wrote:
I’m looking to systematically change my body from the top down, or inside out however you want to look at it. But the major point is I’m looking to transform my body into what an able bodied man should be, not some office jockey/couch potato that it is now.[/quote]
Based on what you said there, a grand could get you 3 months of online coaching from Dean Somerset and a basic nutrition plan from Meadows or Mighty Stu.