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What to do with $1,000?


Over the weekend I took a small job that made me a cool $1,000. Now I'm looking to do something with that money to turn a bigger profit.

So in this thread I'm looking for fellow T-Nationer's advice on what to do with the $ that will in turn make me more $.

Rules: I will not be using this to pay off debt
I will not be spending this at the casino
I will not be buying any potions, snake oil, or the like
I will not be putting it in the bank just to save

My goal and my only goal is to take this $ and make more $ from it.

As always, Thanks in advance.


Open an IRA. Wait 40 years. Profit.


That would take to long. I'm looking for a quicker ROI


Invest in yourself.

What do you do? Can you take a class that will further your skills? Market yourself to more customers? Buy tools that will increase your abilities or make you more efficient?

You can buy 2,000 full color door hangers for $160. You can mail 1000 full color postcards for $500. Do you have clients? Take them out to lunch and ask them what their biggest problem is right now. Then figure out how to solve it.


So is everyone else...


Buy oil stock


If you have debt of any kind this is a really dumb rule.


Continue to do what you did over the weekend every weekend. $52k of post tax cash is a pretty good side hustle.

Looking for a meaningful return on an investment of $1000 is a bit unrealistic. Let's say you get 20 percent, which is a great return, is $200 really that meaningful to you?

I suggest either saving it and enjoying the slight financial security cushion, or buy a squat rack.


Yep, if you have debt and $1000, you don't have $1000


In general yes, but I don't always agree with this. Hypothetically, if you had a loan at a 2 percent rate and you had an investment available that was a safe 4 percent return, it would then make sense not to pay off the loan.


Agreed. Pretty strange asterisk to put on a significant chunk of change.

With that said, presuming you have little actual debt, you could combine this windfall with your other thread about starting over physically.

Based on what you said there, a grand could get you 3 months of online coaching from Dean Somerset and a basic nutrition plan from Meadows or Mighty Stu.




Right now I'm seasonally laid off. My job which was full-time year round was changed when the company was bought out. I go back to work the soonest being the middle of March...(the weather has taken it's toll up here in New England)

So as for buying tools, marketing for the company there's no point.

You did offer very good advice, but unfortunately nothing I can do with right now.


True; however, what are the chances you have debt at 2%? What are the chances you'll also yield 4% on your investment?

Point being most people have debt at rates higher than any short termand even long term ROI. Credit card debt being the main culprit.


Solid investment.


You're out of work?? Put that shit in the bank in case you need it...


Can you do any side work? Sounds like you have some skills.


Thanks for the info. Basically I was shoveling roofs. With all the snowfall up here in NE some homeowners are getting frantic about the amount of snow on their roofs. I was able to jump on with a company that didn't risk me loosing anything with my current company. as in, paid cash.
I will continue to do it as long as I can, but I don't think it will last more then a week or so.


I didn't think you even noticed the thread. I figured you would have posted some advice in it.


I hope you plan on declaring that $1K as income on your 2015 return seeing as you just admitted, in writing, it was paid in cash.