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What to Do/Where to Go?

I would have to agree with pretty much everything that I read. He’s a question and you don’t have to answer it for a guy or a girl, let me explain. I am relatively new to the real world and I’m out on my own. I just moved to Denver and I know 2 people in this state. The people at work are a bit older than me and have families. I’m 24 and I like to go party at bars but I also like to go do a lot of outdoor things. I know that I won’t meet high quality chicks in bars but here’s my question. In an earlier post someone mentioned a City sports league. I would some advice of ways to meet people. I’m very outgoing and sociable so I don’t mind going up to someone I don’t know and start talking. What are some types of clubs or places to go to give me the opportunity to introduce myself. I’ve looked for a City Sport League online but haven’t found anything. Any suggestions are apprecaited. Actually I take back something I said earlier. I don’t agree with everything I read, my one disagreement is picking up a girl at a gym. There are many T-Vixen’s at my gym and they are busy working out. I don’t want to be a dumbass and go and interrupt her workout, I’m sure she’s there to get in, lift and get out just like me. Any T-Vixen willing to give their take on getting picked up in a gym?

I don’t like being hit on at the gym. I am usually working out within a limited time frame, I’m concentrating, and hopefully in a groove, I’m sweaty,and it can make for an awkward situation if you have to see the guy who asked you out 4x per week. There are some women though, that do want to socialize at the gym. They make it fairly obvious, so you should have no trouble knowing who they are.

Picking a woman up at the gym is not that much different from picking a woman up anywhere else. Believe me, we’re checking you out right back. The trick is - in my case - to get past the point of being a total stranger before you make a move. If you notice a woman at your gym that you’re interested in, don’t pounce, for God’s sake just don’t. Chances are you’ll come off as really sketchy, as though you’re a dog on the prowl who approaches every young woman. Take the time to develop a little bit of a rapport before you ask her out. After making OCCASSIONAL and MUTUAL eye contact at a couple of sessions - you don’t want to appear the stalker - just say “hi.” Maybe introduce yourself. Don’t ask her out, it will pique her interest. Once you get to the point where you can have a friendly chat once or twice and you can say you know one or two things about her (aka you know she’s interesting and not just cute), go ahead and ask her out. Another way to meet people is to go to as many events as you can, even if you’re going by yourself. I don’t know what Denver’s like, but in NYC there’s nothing odd about going to movies, museums, restaurants, whatever by yourself. I was once new to the real world and all alone in NYC myself. You’ll get a chance to see the city and some woman might think the guy who’s all alone is mysterious to approach herself.

Great advice, Katie. Actually, I’m writing to commend you for the proper usage of the word, “pique.” I get tired of seeing it spelled “peak.” Ciao :wink:

Chicks dig spelling.

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