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What To Do, Where To Go, After You Hit Rock Bottom?


Your job found out, because you told them 2 months early, said you.

You were going to buy a house with your GF of 5 months until you got talked out of it, said you.

Using illegal drugs for years with no intention of stopping once working as an LEO, said you.

Getting on legal TRT ASAP would be a good first step. Learning from this string of self inflicted ‘bad luck’ and changing your lifestyle to better suites your life goals would be a good second step. Good luck, and hopefully everything works out well for you.


That’s exactly what I plan to do. Thank you sir.


What are your thoughts on the National Guard OCS? 10 weeks basic, 18 months of one weekend per month OCS. I like the idea because I could always volunteer for active duty assignment. At the same time I am working towards my commission, I could also be working towards a civilian career and letting them know my intentions - So even if a department could see this slip up, at least it would demonstrate some significant tangible growth. Either way, it would allow me to serve the country as well as develop skills and grow as a person, making me more competitive in the job market


I don’t know how it is these days since both end up deploying but when I was active duty, guard and reserve were considered a joke. They had no competition on promotions, no real work to do, just training when they were on base.

I think we need some more recent GIs opinions here. @alphagunner and @flappinit, your thoughts?



I actually was a guardsman. If you are looking for a REAL military experience, I would stay away from guard or reserve until you are later in the game.

I was able to deploy, so I got to do the things I wanted. But I don’t see any future conflict happening. So a guard stint right now doesn’t make sense. Go active.

The BEST officers, start as enlisted first.

@studhammer This is still true for the most part. LMAO… I was in an Infantry company, but we had POG’s mixed in.

So we had like 50% decent infantry troops, and 50% clerks, truck drivers, mechanics. Those tend to be the “shittier” of the NG/Reserve in my opinion.


Couldn’t agree more with this statement. I have a personal friend who started as a lowly E1 (in 1986) and is now an O5. We’ve talked over the years and he has had to “school” 2nd LTs on how to treat enlisted.


Boot Lt’s are a joke.

We made our LT cry in the chow hall in Iraq. Full blown crying tears.


I know @studhammer already quoted this, but one more time for the people in the back. Mustangs, baby. Mustangs.

The only reason platoon sgt’s exist is to keep platoon commanders from being way too gung ho and doing some stupid shit.

OP, you just don’t sound that psyched on the military. National Guard or not, I’m not sure you’re understanding what you’re signing up for when you enlist or go officer.

Unless you’re downplaying what happened to you, none of that should be disqualifying for any law enforcement agency. Go elsewhere and look if the ones around you have heard of you.


Been following this thread for a bit, pretty interesting. I’m a bit opinionated and have had a hard time keeping my yap shut. My childhood best friend recently retired from a PD in NorCal, my father in law did 35 years in Nassau County New York after two tours in Viet Nam, my brother in law did 20 years with NYPD, and another close friend retired from Oakland PD.

Here’s the opinion piece. A lot of LEO’s feel like the law doesn’t apply to them. They’re bullies. My HS baseball coach was a Portland OR cop and he assaulted me on the field in front of my teammates - 24 year old man assaulting a 15 year old kid. Later, he was charged with taking liberties with female cadets - he was banging recruits.

My LEO friends tend to be cool dudes but they have stories. My brother in law had a partner that wrote a shit load of tickets, and every one started with something along the lines of the stop being initiated because of a left turn on a red light, followed the car, driver threw something on the floor of the passenger seat, car pulled over, then arrest for whatever reason.

There is a reason Americans distrust cops. I’m sure the number of bad apples in law enforcement reflects the percentage of bad apples in society, but LE seems to attract a particular breed of miscreant - those that want to be above the law, take short cuts, and do what they want.

I am not saying @Kpac20 fits this profile, and I know @JMaier31 takes his job seriously, but it seems like many on this thread don’t get the resentment many Murricans have towards LE.

Unfortunately, I’ve had many opportunities to interact with LE. While many of them were professional, the majority were assholes. Just saying.

On another note, both of my grandfathers started their military careers as enlisted men and both retired as USN LCDR’s. My maternal grandfather was one of the last enlisted men to become a Navy Pilot - he started as a mechanic. He was based in Guantanomo for a while.

My paternal grandfather was the Chief Petty Officer on the USS Enterprise, and the first person ever to serve flapjacks on an aircraft carrier - was in 14 of 21 sea battles in WWII.

Back to @Kpac20. Kid has a great opportunity to make a difference in this world. I do think he has an addiction issue, but I think everyone is an addict. But, highly recommend we all do what we love and the rewards and success will come.

Be patient grasshopper.


Update: Landed a job for a state correctional Facility. Academy starts in about a month. It’s honestly not a bad job. Put in a few years there then go back out for law enforcement.