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What To Do, Where To Go, After You Hit Rock Bottom?


I don’t fear that lol. I fear coming off a cruise and not being able to recover which would make training that much more difficult than it already is. No, I wouldn’t like to be in the most stressful situation of my life shut down


Im not a heavy drinker. I don’t have a tolerance to alcohol. I made a mistake, I understand that


Yeah man. Thanks


Very true man thanks for your input


So you’re not a heavy drinker but decided that heavy drinking was a good idea. Additionally, you are actively breaking the law with no plans to stop. Lastly, you are prone to emotion based impulsive decision making if this and the other thread are any indication.

Why do you think you are a good candidate for LEO?


Just a brief aside, but it’s best to let people that have a substance abuse problem come to that conclusion themselves. When other people try it just becomes a mission to prove them wrong, and more often than not ones own conclusion is the most acceptable.


Respectfully disagree.

Very respectfully.


In the process of applying for army and air force OCS. Active duty. Hope this doesn’t come back to haunt me… wish me luck


You guys need to back off. There’s pretty much 100% chance that every single guy on this board has FUCKED UP in some way in their past. The OP did not get arrested, did not commit a crime, did not get charged with a crime, did not see a judge. He’s a fucking kid trying to figure out what to do. He also thought his shit was planned out but that disappeared like a fucking mist!

The way you guys are talking, he shouldn’t be allowed to do anything that might change his life for the better. Fuck that. This kid may find his path in the military or as a LEO or something. He may find out that he fucking THRIVES in the environment that the military provides or he may resign his commission after 3 years but let the man find out before you hang him out to dry.


Good luck brother. If you get your commission, be a good man. Lead from the front and by example. Recognize the strengths in your people and use them where they are the strongest.


In point of clarification, when I keep bringing up “illegal activities”, I’m referring to buying/using gear, not the single drinking incident.


Well, most of us are guilty of that brother and that is a whole different discussion.


Ahahahaha the hell are you talking about, most of us are on gear?

Buddy, the kid has shown he makes big decisions impulsively and based upon emotion, and he currently is involved in illegal drugs with no plans to stop… And you think that’s a good candidate for LEO?

He needs to clean up and get his shit together if he wants to be a cop. Not sure how or why you disagree with that.

As for the drinking, your damn right I did stupid drunk stuff when I was younger. You know what happened though? I grew up and realized it was gonna bite me in the ass so I stopped putting myself in those situations. If OP isn’t willing to grow up and be a RESPONSIBLE ADULT, how the hell are we supposed to trust him with the responsibility of a a gun and badge?


A lot of us are as a personal choice.

Again, he is 25 and was celebrating. Not worth saying he will be a bad cop or a bad officer. I know a ton of cops/correctional officers on gear. I guess that makes them all evil in your eyes.

If you go back and look at the OPs other posts, he pretty clearly shows that he is not living a shitty, partying lifestyle. He’s been an athlete (yes on gear) and has recently graduated college. A life time of bad choices dont end up with those results. For all we know, this one incident may be the catalyst for him to straighten up his shit and become a kick ass grown up.

EDIT: Its your kind of attitudes that like to keep a man down once he’s been down. Frankly, I think he will turn out better than you and be more understanding, have more empathy, and more forgiving. All outstanding virtues in any LEO or military officer.


Not holding LEO to high enough standards is a problem in this country. Hell, “don’t chronically use illegal drugs” is a pretty low standard and he can’t even hit that.

No one is holding him down. People are telling him to straighten up. Kinda the opposite. You’re the one condoning his illegal behavior and excusing his poor decision making. Stop lowering standards and making excuses for people in positions of such incredible power and responsibility.


What I did Saturday night was no doubt a big mistake on my part, a colossal one. But it was uncharacteristic of my behavior up to this point. It was the first time an experience like that has happened in my life. I do not have a substance abuse problem,I say that confidently and realize that though I don’t have a problem, alcohol can create problems in my life. I shouldn’t have been that careless on Saturday night, I definitely learned a very important lesson. Vodka and me do not mix. I will never make another mistake like that again - I should have stopped after a few drinks but I didn’t. Going out to the bar and getting shitfaced like that will not be an event that happens in my life moving forward. I was really just looking for advice rather than have my character bashed. I never said I wasn’t willing to grow up? I’ve already admitted to my mistake and stated I’m trying to make it better and move forward. I asked for suggestions - not for a character bashing. Are you a LEO?


I think you may overestimate the numbers on it.

I have nothing against someone making the personal decision to use gear. I run into issues when someone very regularly breaks laws and then pursues a career in enforcing said laws or in being in a position where they will have to administer discipline to troops that break the same laws. I suppose, fundamentally, it is an issue with hypocrisy, or philosophical inconsistencies.


On the list of things people are telling you to grow up regarding, the drink incident is at the bottom. The chronic use (with no intention of stopping) of illgal drugs, along with the impulsive emotional decision making regarding your girl, buying a house, and quitting your job 2 months early are all much higher priority issues.

Seems like you don’t understand the gravity of the career you want to pursue.


I think just about all cops and really any first responders should have gear as an option.


quitting my job 2 months early? I did not quit my job. I was fired because they found out I had something lined up, then I got ANOTHER job on the same day to hold me over. not sure how you came to that conclusion lol. How is my decision impulsive (buying a house) when I haven’t even made that decision? I was looking into a decision that way months, even years away. Putting thought into something, getting advice on it from others, isn’t impulsive. It was a stupid question at most. It’s not like I thought this shit up then put a downpayment on a house the next day. From the advice I got, not just here, I decided to slow down and hold off for much longer. No impulsive decision was made. You really know nothing about me other than what I have posted on this forum - I am planning on getting legal TRT. Gear and first responders, gear in military, not even gonna get into that. pissing in the wind with that one