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What To Do When You Rip Your Hands Open?


What do you guys do to quicken the healing process when you tear callusses off your hands?

I tore of 5 on friday when i switched to using a texas bar for deading on friday instead of the normal gym bar im used to.


The best thing I've found is to trim the torn edges, clean them thoroughly and then I put a layer of zinc oxide on if it's torn down to the pink or if it was bleeding. The zinc oxide toughens the skin faster.

After a day or two of this I will put a layer of superglue over the open wounds and you'll be pretty much pain free since the wounds won't be open any longer.

I would plan on taking the next week off from DL'ing or use wrist straps to let them heal.


I glue them back on with super glue if they're flaps. If not I just fill the hole with glue.

I've found that paring the callouse down with a blade so it isn't so big helps to prevent tears.


not got any zinc oxide handy. lol

but i will do the superglue idea.

Already dropped deads from this week coming, going to squat twice. one normal, one high rep

i have 5 open wounds right down to the pink, they were bleeding during my sets.



You can also pick up some liquid bandaid, it is essintially glue that also disinfects... it stings like a motherf*cker but after a few layers you wont have to worry about it opening back up. Seems to heal much quicker too.


I have tried the liquid bandage stuff, and it really didn't stay on that well for me, especially if you are still benching or squatting.


The liquid bandage, dermabond etc isn't a full strength super glue, they do that to lessen the possibiity of patients having an inflammatory reaction to the adhesive.


Zinc Oxide is just the cream you see surfers/life guards put on their nose to prevent sunburn. I can't imagine it's more than 3 or 4 bucks for a tube of it at any pharmacy, and you certainly don't need a prescription for it.


the liquid bandaid stuff is ok but needs lots of reapplication after lifting. A layer of liquid bandaid and then some real glue or zinc is likely better to prevent any infections or reactions.

Gotta take care of those hands callus wise to keep them from tearing. file that shit down [i eat mine] and keep the good hard flat skin. Once you get a nice hard flat hand that shit is invincible [sorta].



LOL, I thought I was the only one!