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What To Do When Traveling?

I am a skinny bastard making steady progress, putting on muscle and some fat.

I am going to be traveling for 10 days. I will have no access to weights. There will be lots and lots of hiking and walking/exploring. This is a group tour. They will feed us/allow time for a meal only 3 times a day. I was thikning to use this time to do a super short cutting cycle. I know I don’t really need to cut right now (although I am soon to cross the 20% bf level), but there is no way I will get the calories I need to bulk.

I know it is desirable during a cutting cycle to hit the weights, my only option is bodyweight exercises.
I know 3 meals a day is too few. I am planning to bring a shitload of protein bars to eat between the big meals.

Any suggestions on what else I can do?

It is what it is. Eat as much as you can, and do as much bodyweight stuff as you can. A week of doing pushups and pullups might not be bad for you if you’ve been hitting the weights for an extended time. Helps me to switch it up every once in a while.

You won’t lose everything in 10 days, so don’t get too crazed.

I wouldn’t waste your time doing a 10 day cutting cycle. Check the archives for the article “Death by Bodyweight” and mix in some bodyweight exercises when you get back to the hotel room. Bring some protein powder with you and mix in a shake when you can. No worries.

10 days is just fine for back off phase, do some light bodyweight stuff and you’ll be fine and more than ready to hit the weight even harder when you get back.

I was on a trip for two weeks a couple months ago. I ate a fair amount but I was walking enough that I lost a small amount of weight beyond the water loss from being off creatine.

First and last days there I got light workouts in, but nothing remotely aproaching normal. When I returned my first week was slop. By the third week back though I was setting PRs across the board. I say take the time to stretch, but otherwise just have fun.

Yeah bro, a little time off now and then can actually help your muscles recover. And it sounds like you’ll be doing the best kind of recovery - active recovery. I’d say, do a little bodyweight work here and there, eat lots of good healthy food, and enjoy your trip.

You’ll come back refreshed, and ready to kick ass in the gym.