What To Do When Progress Stops?

Hi CT,

I suppose this could ultimately be the million dollar question of training, but just curious how you evaluate and move forward once progress has stopped. Lets assume for the sake of this thought experiment the trainee is training hard and eating well (healthy foods in quantities sufficient to support their efforts), and lets say you have a movement you are generally good at technique wise (so the neural component isnt a dramatic factor in the progression)

Is it under stimulating and under recovering? Over stimulating and under recovering (I wont tell the Barbarian Brothers)? Is it simply that you have habituated and a new training stimulus need to be introduced? Something I havent mentioned or thought of yet?

As a single example, using the double progression method you can increase the reps and/or weight for 8-12 weeks (indicating you are training enough and recovering enough to stimulate gains) but then it all just comes to a grind…

As I look back on my training logs and “career” this seems to be one of the biggest causes of wheel-spinning, in that I will pick some solution to address this issue but then when I get back to trying the old way I essentially start back very close to square one and end up hitting that wall again at roughly the same point as before.

How say you?

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