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What to Do When Nothing Works?


Still, three months is 12 weeks aka 36 sessions with a minimum of 5 lbs increase. So a total of 180 lbs. Starting with the bar, this puts everyone at 225 lbs on every lifts. Which is more than any of mine after two years. Why does it work for everyone but not me ?


Impossible to say for sure but a few things that could be.

-The fact that you only weigh 160lbs after two years of training is a major concern.
-Your form might be bad (not staying tight etc). You can post videos for us to look at.

  • You might not train with the intensity required.
  • You might not be doing the program correctly (enough rest periods etc)

If I’m honest. I would expect someone who trains hard and eats well to beat your numbers much earlier even if they were following a bad program. This is assuming the man is healthy.


That’s what I was thinking. Anyone with a bad program can get far ahead than that. I have a genetic condition (excess of bone growth around one knee) preventing me sometimes from squatting and deadlifting because of severe swelling, regardless of form. Heels are always touching the ground but my right knee is very sensitive to it. And I can’t squat with only one knee. It will be surgically removed soon though.

However, I don’t have any upper-body issues. Is benching 2 to 3 times a week for 5x5 or 3x5 considered below bad ? If not then, considering a 5% bf increase and the fact that the bar always touches my chest without rebounds, and with 5 minutes rest between each set, there is probably 0% chance of me adding even one pound of muscle despite my best efforts ? I am very very near failure during my last set. Shoulder blades are squeezed too and several people told me my form was ok. There is no way to fuck up a bench press form unless ego lifting, so this is the most accurate progression rate. I remember last summer doing 5135 lbs. Today I did 10135 lbs, or 5*155 lbs recently. So that’s a 20 lbs increase in a year.

This is depressing. Yes I weigh 160 lbs but I used to eat 1kg of meat a day + some carbs (pastas mostly). So there is no hope for me. I hate myself and wish I was dead


No joke; fix this before you start worrying about how much weight you can lift.


I wouldn’t feel that way if I was weak because I wasn’t training the right way. I feel that way because no matter what I do I can’t improve. Everyone can get past this within months, why can’t I ? This is so unfair. I don’t want to spend my life unhealthy. I think I’d rather be dead than not be able to improve like other literally any other person. Heck, people even talk shit to people who aren’t healthy because they are assumed to be lazy. I am not and I don’t deserve to be unhealthy.


If you believe your health is tied into how much weight you can lift, you should address that as well.

Despite what you think, lifting more weight is not going to help you. I strongly advocate seeking help if you are wishing death upon yourself.


people get all sad and moody when they lift weights that are too heavy.

it’s supposed to be training, not a life or death situation.

lower the weights, up the reps. If 135 for 10 is a struggle, spend some time doing multiple sets with 95.

you said nothing works, but you only tried 1 thing!


I’m seeking help already. The fix is pretty easy, since everyone can do it. Just make me progress like the average guy and everything’s fixed…


I thought I was supposed to train hard… what’s hard then ?


I wish you good luck.


My point is SS has a lot of limitations and you should move on to another template. Its nothing to stress over, we’ve seen it many times.

Try 5/3/1 triumvirate or this for example…


Thanks for the references, I’ll take a look at these.


if this is truly the case then getting a bigger deadlift will not help it



you cut me real deep just there


…said no weak guy ever. It would be fucking fine if I could get some DYEL stats like 2/3/4 plates (for reps…), but even with these terrible standards and long time I can’t get near it.

You guys can’t understand because you already have it all. And for those who don’t, well, it’s usually just a matter of time until you get a 10 plates curl.

It seems like no amount of time spent ever helps me.


jesus, dude. You have issues that weight training can’t fix.

I sincerely hope you find peace with it all and get happy.


Dude,after taking a look at your replies here’s what I have to say

1.Lifting’s not fair.You could be a kid with the shittiest past ever and just 4 months more to live and 225 still wouldn’t become 185 to comfort you.Choose a goal and every time you get 1 little step close(2.5 pounds on the bench,1/10th of an inch on your arms ect) put a huge fkn smile on your face

2.’‘I’d rather be dead than average’'
What does make someone ‘‘not average’’?
Are 100 pounds on your squat really going to separate you from the next person

As for the ‘‘I hate myself’’ Yogi told it the best he could

To close up,choosing to become strong and healthy is great.Start a log,post regularly and enjoy the process

But the happiness you seek is not in a barbell filled with 2 more plates per side
Read books on self development,be social,have fun and hell,if you’re still not happy seek professional help

Hope that helps


Try and test out reverse lunges. Standing lunge (not walking) but instead of stepping forward, step backwards and keep your front shin mostly vertical. See if this is easier on your bad knee and see if it helps when you can’t squat.


You know how long I was stuck before I hit 300 in the bench press? 2 years with no bench improvement. At all. You know what I did? I started looking for answers.

Everybody gets stuck. Everybody. If your training has ALWAYS been 3x a week 5 reps, then we all posted a lot of variations that can change that.

Westside for Skinny Bastards
Anti-bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program
5/3/1 and variations
and a ton of others. You need to stop doing the same thing that has not allowed you to progress, and start looking outside this box you have constructed for yourself.

You are showing signs that you don’t have a healthy mental outlook man, you need to address this first. It’s one thing to drive hard and be upset–like I was, for 2 years–but it is another thing to hate yourself and wish you were dead. Please dude, refocus yourself on something else and talk to some friends or even a therapist about this if your comments about being dead are not just internet venting man.


Where do you live? -----------