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What To Do When Not At The Gym


I hurt my ankle a couple months ago and although I am doing german volume training, I am still skinny. I am not active because i can't run or play sports at the current time. Furthermore, I am afraid of eating too much because i sit around all day except when i Work out.

So, I would like to do an exercise that gets my blood pumping, increases hypertrophy and activates my muscles. Whats a good daily excersice routine that i can do?


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Can you ride a bicycle? You won't have any impact on your ancle and your weight will be on the sadle.


You have not yet learned to work around an injury?

If the ankle hurts work the upper body.


How serious is the injury? Mild sprains take about 3-4 weeks to recover from... If it's been months, then it is probably very serious and you should consult a doctor.

Can you walk without pain? How about bodyweight squats?


I agree that you can work around the injury. I broke my foot 2 weeks ago. Took one week off and and using crutches at the gym. Can do all upper body and can still do hammy curls and leg extensions. It may be a bit painfull but as the saying goes no pain no gain.


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Lift what you can, rehab, get in a pool.