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What to Do to Get a Six Pack?


ok this is continued from my other post working out for the past 5 months. ne ways my stomach has some fat on it and i really want a six pack but i really dont know or have any way about it, i need some help from the T-Nation team


Have you actually read any of the articles or posts on this site??? Abs are made in the kitchen ... too much has already been written on nutrition to justify saying anymore here for such a general question.
To burn Fat? Again so much has been said already but it comes down to this; Lift heavy, High Intensity Interval training, sound nutrition.
If you're not seeing results you're not working hard enough. It is that simple!!!



Look, OP, it's like this: here you have this amazingly awesome site with FREE articles from some of the top professionals in their respective fields; whether it be nutrition, power lifting, body building, oly lifting, what have you, if you look for it, it's probably here.

If you're too damn lazy to research such a broad and over asked question on one of the best weight lifting/fitness sites on the WORLD WIDE WEB then, OP, why the hell are ya here? Do you want me to liposuction out the remaining fat for you? Do some research on your own, learn a little bit come back with a more specific inquiry and I bet you get a better response. Show some damn initiative man ... or go to BB.com.


Well said!



you mean there isn't 1 exerecise or 1 pill I can take to get this to work?


honestly kid, i know this is the beginners section...but use the search function and read the articles. they are awesome.

(you can search for nutrition articles specifically too....that will help you with your abZ quest)


quoted for truth


500 crunches a day + the alli diet pill = instaABs
OP do some research and reading...start with stickies here, you'll save forum space.


lipo and implants are clearly your only hope....


You fool! The word "abs" is derived from "absent", meaning they'll never show!!!! Just fuggedaboutit!!!


Wow. What a way to break in the new guy! The world can be harsh, just understand it is not personal, it's business. Take it from me, I learned the hard way to.

But, use the search function!


alright,, sorry guys diddnt mean to step on toes. i must of missed the search function while i was rushing to get answers. thanks for the help though i appreciate it. how long have some of you been here?


this should be a sticky


exactly cause everyone here knows this is how Ahmed Haidar gets his abs...if only the beginners knew this they wouldn't need to waste their time with all that diet and exercise.


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I'm impressed that you pointed right to it Brock ... very good work


Why do you need 2 threads asking the same question?

We've already explained it to you before, but if you really really really want me to say it again here it is:

"ok, so in order to show your abs you have to get rid of the fat covering the abs, and it's usually the last to go.

So at 10% body fat you have a "4-pack" and at about 6-8% you will have your nice visible abs or a "6-pack" depending on how much shape and definition you have in your abs. But getting into single digit bodyfat is the key.

So go ahead and diet your brains out and come back when your at 6% bodyfat and have some nice abs."



Have you hit the corner store?

Best bet for a six pack is in there...

All the posts about diet is the $hit... You eating your burgers? Lots and lots of burgers dude and you'll be ripped up fast... Whoppers and Big Mac's are your friend and if anyone tells you anything contrary, they just don't get it.

Have you seen the movie Supersize? It's all about getting ripped up fast.

/joke off

Seriously, do an article search here looking for nutrition. Follow a clean diet (outlined in one of the articles) and put in a lot of time in the gym and come back in 12 weeks and ask some more questions, etc.

If you're really serious, fork over some cash for one of the programs offered here by some of the coaches (prices are very reasonable and when you fork out cash for it, you usually commit to it) and see how it works for you.


Don't listen to these foolz. If you really want six pack abz, you are going to need to do the following:

1) Stop eating. Eating makes you fat.

2) Do 1000 crunches per day, making sure to sharply flex your spine on every rep.

3) Every time you go outside, you must have your shirt off.

4) During the time periods when you are not eating, doing your crunches, or going outside shirtless, you need to be contracting your stomach like you are on a beach with beautiful girls.

5) And make sure to take magic ab pills.

There you go! Enjoy your killer abz!!!!!


Oh, and start spot reducing the fat around your midsection :confused:


I like this. I also like the potential here for "Projectile Anal Leakage"!