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What To Do? (Paycheck/Work Problem)


I could use some helpful advice from you guys if you would be so kind...

So I worked for this company for a 2 week gig, after the first week they had me come to the office and come pick up my paycheck, so I did, and all was good.

Then after the next week they said come into the office next Friday and we will have your paycheck for you. So I go into the office and the manager told me they decided to just mail the checks for whatever reason.

Anyways, a week passes and my check does not come so I contact them and ask what address they sent it to. Turns out they sent it to my old address, even though they new I had moved. So I tell the manager something along the lines of blah blah blah yes, unfortunately that is no longer my residence so I will not be able to get that check, could you guys please make out a new one and either let me come pick it up or send it to my current address.

They have yet to respond even though I have sent this email at least 3 times and gone into the office twice (and both times the manager just happened to not be there, whatever).

Mind you I was supposed to receive this check on August 25 and I have been asking them for it since then and they just straight up won't respond...

I'm trying not to be an asshole with these people but that's $1000 I would have liked to have a month ago.

Thoughts on how to handle this from here?


Didn't you have work problems before with like some people having their phones paid for, but you didn't even though you'd been asking them to pay for it for like 2 years or something?


i'd go to the office at a time when you know the manager will be there. the demand to speak with him until this issue has been resolved.

it has only been a month though, and sometimes accounts payable like to take their sweet ass time. At my old job, there were times when I would wait on a commission check for up to three months at times. but still, you are due that money.


Ha ha, that is normally a sign they are broke as fuck, and super cash tight. Payroll is typically something you don't fuck with as you can get in deep shit for it real quick.

That sucks, but don't blame the AP clerk, blame the shitty Manager/CFO/president.


Can't you go to your old address and see if it showed up there, or did you move out of state?


Arrange a meeting with the manager at an agreed time, turn up on time and be polite. Get a comitment for the pay date in writting with an agreement that past that date they pay you interest.


I say yes to this AND go to your courthouse self help center and get a motion for this type of issue. Don't file it, but bring it in so they know there will be concequesnces. You will probably get paid on the spot.


Good point, not sure if you have something similar in the US but in the UK there is a service called the Citizens Advice Bureau that gives free legal advice on exactly this kind of thing.


If you are trying to go the legal route, you would need to file a complaint before the motion.


Also after this I wouldn't put them down for a reference either. Not saying that you're doing anything wrong. If you put the work in you're certainly owed money, but even when in the wrong people don't like to be called on it.


Thanks guys. Yah, I'm obviously just going to have confront the manager face to face, and deal with this. And the manager is a straight up bitchy woman, this should be interesting.


I can't believe you put up with this bullshit for as long as you have. It's pretty simple they freeze the last check and write you a new one could be done in 5 minutes which means it should be done in 5-10 business days. Just straight up tell them "this is getting resolved one way or the other either you give me my money today or the courts will make you give it to me tomorrow."

You should start looking for a new job and/or mail this story to the local paper and see how quickly you get your money. Make sure to document how much they owe you in case they try to alter their records to make them look good.


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They ended up asking me if I would head up security for this thing...I was like you fucking serious? You won't pay me my money and expect me to do more work for you? hah!

I'll go in monday and talk to them, and if I can't get this taken care of by this week I'll just go to the court.


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I still have plenty of money, but I had to take it out of my savings, which is something I fucking hate doing when I should have been able to just use the paycheck.

I'm bad about putting money back in my savings once I take it out lol