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What To Do On Possible Summer Cycle

5’7, 148lb. 20 yo soon to be 21.

~10%bf. May not look it, but I’ve had it tested by professionals at school, always 10%.

Goal: Muscle definition (abs, admittedly) and strength over pure mass. Have been working out over 2 years. Olympic lifter who would like to move up a couple lbs to 69kg weight class, but not add too much weight to be in 77kg class…

Thinking of running a test prop only cycle during summer. So here’s the thing. I know the first cycle is the best, but I don’t really want to add 15-20lbs and I don’t want to add fat at all…yet I don’t want to “waste” my first cycle eating restricted calories or maintenance.

So I was thinking my options are: bulk from now until June and then cut on the cycle. Or keep eating around maintenance as I am at the moment and bulk on the cycle. Then cut it off natty after. My only fear here would be losing any gains from a natty cut. Or try a recomp eating maintenance to slight surplus on the cycle to try and add a few lean lb of muscle while cutting bf%, which I know is generally inefficient.

What do, to meet my goals?

And I’d like to meet these goals by September-October, thus why I might take the “easy” way out with a cycle. My diet will be 100% on point.

However the odds of me doing a cycle are still slim. $$$ issues and the fact I am young. Although I would only consider steroids while in college. Just want some feedback so when I do further research I can do it with a specific plan in mind.

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no steroids for you. You’re not ready.

Eat more.


so you need gear to put on 3.8 pounds of muscle?? dude…leave the gear alone, eat some steaks.

Have you ever been to the gym?