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What To Do On An Off Week?

I am taking an off week this week. I have been doing Bill Starrs 5x5 for the last 6 or so weeks and 100 reps a day of dips. I will not be doing starrs 5x5 because of various nagging injuries that I want to rest up before going home from school and starting a new program.

Should I stop 100 reps a day?

Well if your taking a week off, sure why not.

It’s not a day off if you do 100 dips IMO. What I did on my last week off was eat very little and replace most of my carbs with beer. I leaned out and I wasn’t bored to death.

Relax, be with friends. Go for a swim, ride a bike if the weather is nice enjoy it. When I take a week off for R&R I make sure I enjoy it because come Monday its back to work