What To Do Now?

I am 27 yrs old 6’5" 300lbs and have been working out for a few months now a bowflex to loss fat(I started out at 330lbs). Now I’ve been trying to put on more muscle and I’ve been thinking about getting some steriods to help me out. I’ve been looking on-line at differnet kinds but the is so many out there I don’t know what to do.

I still want to burn fat overall but would like to put on some muscle while doing it. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should use or if I should even bother with them yet since I am still a beginner.

You are doing yourself no favours with this post.

Step 1
Do some basic searches. Beginner searches.

Step 2
Get a new login name/profile, because, you will be mocked for turning to the jucie so fast, or at least just using bowflex as your main tool.

Good luck, you have worked hard, but please try harder.

You are totally short changing yourself. Keep training natural the progress you can make from just solid training, diet, and eventually legal supplementation is unbelievable right now. When that slows down then maybe you might still want to consider it. In the meantime go educate yourself and put that knowledge to use.

don’t do it just work out and keep up the good work for a year then think about it.

First Step… read this excellent post and familiarize yourself with proper diet. Get food scale. Make food log. Record calories. Lose weight.



Man, you guys are patient! I’d have flamed the guy with both barrels. So, I will be a gentleman as well…

1)Eat one Subway sandwich every day for 6 months, and nothing else.

2)Put an ad in your local paper and find someone to buy your Bowflex.

3)Take the money and go to a sporting goods store and buy an Olympic set (of weights). Do not buy the other kind unless you are a pussy.

4)Pick a good program from the article base here at T-Nation. Change to another one when you feel stale.

5)Take Alpha Male, 6 caps/days, 5 on, 2 off. This will make you horny as hell, so find a very cooperative wife/gf, whatever.

Good Luck! (See, I can restrain myself!)

1)Eat one Subway sandwich every day for 6 months, and nothing else.