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What to Do Now?

I’ve been ‘on’ more or less for the past 6 months a break down of that time period is as follow:

Wk 1-8 TestE (625mg/wk) and NPP (400mg/wk)
Wk 10-12 came off and began PCT protocol with Nolva
Wk 13-16(?) - got right back on TestE (625mg/wk)
Wk 17-18 - Came off
Wk 19-24 - TestE (200mg/wk) Tren (325mg/wk)

All my cycles included Adex. looking back now at the dosages KSman recommends, I wasn’t using nearly enough. On average, I was taking .25-.5 E3D

Caber was included (all pharm grade) for my NPP and Tren although, I was still having prolactin right now with a dosage of .5mg E4D. Very small droplets of fluid would surface when nipples were squeeze firmly.

The nuts haven’t shrank too much on my past short cycles, but I’ve had noticeable shrinkage to this date. Both have gotten a little more sensitive and one testicle has gotten noticeably larger, while the other has stayed about about the same

Wk 25 - 28 - I started a test taper. I got my dosage down to 65mg/wk. I tapered down the Adex as well. Libido was good during that time

Wk 28 - Wk 32 (current) - In the middle of Wk 28 I ran out of test and began Nolva as follows,

Day 1: 60mg
Day 2- 17: 40mg
Day 18-30: 20mg

I’m now on Day 27 of Nolva and libido is weak. Hard to get it up, and when its up, its hard to maintain and very quick to go.

I’ve read all the stickies and some research and am planing to get blood work done by privatemdlabs. Based on the blood work sticky, Iâ??m going to get these values measured,


To make things even more complicated I’ve been on dutasteride @ .5mg/ED while on cycle and during those off times. I’m not sure if I’ve fallen victim to its side effects, but I stopped taking it 2 days ago and plan to stay off. Note This part has scared the SHIT out of me after doing deeper research and reading some of KSmans posts.

Can anyone share their opinions and/or recommendations on what needs to be done from here? Am I jumping the gun by expecting libido to be present at this point in time? I’ve always been use to it being there during my other PCTs. Are there additional values I should have tested? I have more nolva, clomid, and hcg coming in case its recommended that I get on those.

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I think your jumping the gun,take your blood tests, after the results of these tests then adjust from there.

I suspect that your test is running low because you stated that you ran out of test 4 weeks ago
Nolva only blocks E from certain tissues but overall does nothing for hormone levels. I would get an AI like adex which will help lower your E levels that you will have via aromatase activity,this should help a little run it and you should have no need for the nolva but you can run it together.

overall it sounds kind of like your E levels are rebounding, but unless you are having other sides (acne,emotional issues,fluid retention and the like) I wouldnt worry too much at this point, you will get back to normal.
bottom line find out what levels are out of whack and fix them,but at this point you have been without test do not raise test even though this will solve your immediate issues,you want to try to lower the other hormone levels back to a proper ratio.

Thank you for your advice. So at this point I’ve finished my pre-planned PCT and regardless of if they’re used, my SERMs and AIs (Nolva, Clomid, Adex) will be here shortly, so I’ll do some research to see how the Adex could potentially be used/dosed. I’ve been reading a lot of articles about the use of Clomid to restart HPTA and of course it being used in PCT.

Although I’ve never used it before in my PCTs, does anyone have thoughts about incorporating it this far into things?

I’ve been doing my best to maintain my skin with cleansers and benzoyl peroxide as I usually do get acne during PCT. Fortunately, I’ve noticed this has cured some of it, but I don’t know if that’s a good way to gauge things as I naturally have oily skin and get pimples here and there.

Emotional issues have been a roller coaster, with the peaks being me feeling almost “normal” or even okay at instance to drops of not being motivated, lacking self-drive, and just dragging my ass around and being bummed out. Keeping extra busy has helped, but the worst has been not being able to maintain gains as I usually do.

Since I posted, I increased my caloric intake (I’ve been in a deficit for about a week prior) and basically have been cheating since. Today I noticed I was able to very easily build up to a solid erection. Semen volume was okay, but more watery than it should be, even though my water intake has been low the past couple days. My mind-dick connection still seems off though.

it does sound like you have high estrogen rebound
just use adex .25mg ed and adjust based on how you feel. you may need more or less but treat the adex like your still on cycle