What To Do Now?

Hi guys, this is the thing: Ive been doing a rippetoe novice workout for a while and I had good gains in strenght and mass, but im also getting a little fat. I keep progressing in a linear fashion in most of the lifts. So, the question is: Can I dedicate myself to losing fat for a month or so but keeping the strenght and then resume rippetoe workout where I left?? If this is posible, how much volume I need weekly to keep the strenght in all the lifts while cutting? Or is better if i just suck it up and continue the bulking process because i have to take advantage of the linear progression while i can?

Bonus questions: How can I make my program more mass oriented following the principles of Practical Prorgamming? What if I Squat every session with 3x10 scheme? If i want mass in a specific place, like shoulders for example, how much accesory work should I add (enough to produce extra growth, but without affecting my restoration)???

Height: 179 Cm
Weight: 79 Kilos
BF%: 15% (Taken with the height-weight-waist-neck relation)
Goal: Mass. Strenght is welcome also.

Workout: Three days per week. Squat in every session, but i couldn’t keep progression in a linear fashion, so im using madcow`s progression, in essence is a heavy day (5x5, but only the last one is heavy)first in the week, restoration day the next session (light and less volume) and the last session is for breking the last record. My max for a 1x5 was 104 K (228 lbs). The other lifts go like this:

Bench press 3x5 max: 72k (158 lbs)
Deadlift 1x5 (In a rest-pause kind a way) max: 110k (242 lbs)

Press 3x5 max: 47k (103 lbs)
Chin Up 3x15

That`s all, thank you in advance for your responses and excuse my english.

I’d say follow Starting Strength until you plateau.

For the weight gain, you might want to start following John Berardi’s Seven Habits.

Also, drink lots of water. Bare minimum of one-half gallon per day.

You can also add some cardio after your resistance sessions. I’d recommend jumping rope. If that’s too hard on your joints, some uphill walking on the treadmill (3.0 mph, high incline).

I would not advise deviating from the madcow’s program in order to make it try to build more mass. The mass will come with the strength.

If you are concerned with your fat gain, keep your diet and training the same, and add in some form of extra energy expenditure. Do steady-state cardio for 30 min, two or three times a week, or do intervals maybe once or twice. Increase your conditioning while keeping your diet the same, and see what that does over a month or two for your waist size.