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What to Do Now? (Up to 190)

i did it. i have reached my goal i went from of 160 pounds to 190. i have been maintaning this weight for a couple weeks now and i am wondering, if i stop counting calories and eating 5 times a day and instead just eat healthy, make sure im always full and eating alot will my body have adjusted so that it eats enough to maintane this weight without me watching exactly how much i eat?

also what sort of diet should i use if i want to gain strength without ganing weight. my numbers are weak for my size so i want work on that and hammerdown endurance for a while

The answer to both is simple you will maintain if your intake is high enough regardless if your hungry or stuffed.

The you will also maintain strength on a diet if your well eating enough to maintain and well trtaining hard and smart. Now dont expect Huge returns in strength while on maint. diet but sure its do able.

What do you do next?? Pick a goal and eat and train for it.

Congrats on making the goal. Now, get another one before you decide to take it easy. I agree with Phill, but to be on the safe side, eat big for another week or so, then cut back to maintainence. Change your training style up from what you were doing before, just get some variety and then head for the heavy iron again.

Keep going…