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What To Do Next?

Let me start out by telling some of my background. I at one time weighed about 330 pounds of pure fat. I was at 35% body fat and decided in the last year to get my fat ass in shape. 11 months later I am at 210 and at 12.8% body fat and feel great. I am eating 5 times a day but in small portions. I have started to see my arms and my legs and shoulders to become a more toned and I like what I am seeing. I am driking protein shakes and bars throughout the day to help. Also taking Anavol for creatine but I am being told to eat more and drink more protien.

My concern is that I am going to gain more weight back. My stomach looks horrible, being as streatched as it was. My question is if I do start eating more meats like steak and chicken and other things wont this cause me to gain weight?
Also should i include any other typpes of supplements to help me tone up?

Thanks for your help

You likely will gain weight but scale weight doesnt mean much youll gain HEAVY muscle and lose the less dense fats. make pictures, measurements and how you look and clothes fit the main gauge of your success.


I recommend clean gaining; it is slower then just massive eating, but you won’t have to lose as much fat if you’re trying to cut more and later on get ripped if that is your future goal. Continue to eat clean but add on more protein. You could always add a 6th meal, If your going to gain more muscle try to aim for more then 200 grams of protein. Do you do a casein shake pre-sleep?

  • Flameout, Omega 3/6 fish oil to supplement, Flax Seed Oil.

  • HRX is good because it has Carbolin 19 to help retain muscle mass.

Do you use any supplements right now?

As Phill says, but I’d like to add, Awesome work on getting down to how you are now. Well done mate.

Is that you in your Av? Stomach looks good if it is. Some bigger pictures would be good for more constructive critisism. And believe me, with your attitude it will be constructive rather than flaming.

Knein–Yes I am using a few supplements right now and I am taking in about 300g of protien a day including casien protien for pre sleep shake. I am currently taking Kre-Alkylen (Creatine), Holodryl (test booster), Fish Oil. I will try the ones you suggested.

Renton: Yes that is me in AV, thanks for the complement on the stomach there is still a lot of work to do there!!! I know I will eventually have to have the excess skin removed. You cant go from being as large as I was and expect the elasticity to come back. I will say it isnt as bad as I was first expecting and it has deffinatly come in tremendously over the last 3 months. I will post more close up pics later this weekend.