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What To Do Next

I finished CW’s Total Body Training about two weeks ago, and after resting am going to start another program. I gained about 13 pounds on the program, mostly muscle. I’m 18 years old and am now 6’2 185. I’d ideally like to be around 200 pounds at 8-10% bodyfat.

I haven’t tested my maxes for the big three, but i’m pretty sure squat and deadlift are above 300 and my bench press is by far my weakest. I was either going to go through the ABBH programs or go with the Waterbury Method.

However, looking at ABBH I, I’m not sure whether it would be better for me to go straight to ABBH 2, as it seems like a more intense version of the first one. I’d like to work on my bent over BB row and BB bench press, as well as the obvious deadlifts and squats.
Any recommendations?

CW has posted an order recommendation around here before… maybe it will come up with a search?

Maybe someone who has it handy can point you in the right direction…

I think CW recommends starting with ABBH I , then doing 2 and going progressively through his programs. I’m fairly certain total body training is pretty far along the line, so i’m already not really following the order.

I know C-Dub normally tells people to do this one last, but it is really kick ass, I did it before any of his other programs and it’s called Quattro Dynamo

Normally he has people work into it because it’s hitting all the muscle groups 4x a week, and most people need to be conditioned into it. For me that equaled awesome/quick growth.