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What To Do Next?


Hello all,

 It has been awhile since my last post because I went away for three weeks. I wanted some advice on what to do next for my routine. I was just reading Ghost Wolf and he mentioned in that article that for cartilidge health it is good to mix in some high rep routines every week. I have some cartilidge issues in my knees and was wondering what people thought of that. Would a routine of two days of 3x8 and 5x5  and then two days of  3x15-20 make sense?


P.S. I just came off a routinge that was based on hypertrophy. I used the set/rep bible and was alternating between 6x7 ans 4x12. I was going to move to something for strength and limited hypertrophy next.


Well, the article stated:
"...Heavy weights for your first two workouts of the week, light weights for days three and four (using identical exercises), then 3 days off."

So, your plan doesn't sound too far off. Just be sure to use the same exercises, uber-light weights, and follow up with those rest days (probably the most important part).

About your next cycle though, for strength and limited hypertrophy, I wouldn't go with 3x8 and 5x5. I'd shoot for lower overall volume, more like 4x3, 5x2, that area. Just something to consider.


I actually mistyped the 3x8 and was thinking 8x3. Is that too much? Would I be more productive doing the 4x3?



It's just that a higher volume (like 8x3) will tell your body to build bigger muscles than 4x3. You said you were looking for more strength, with limited hypertrophy, so I cut the sets in half. It's not like 8x3 is "wrong" or anything.



Thanks for all your input.

I am eight months in, but somtimes I still feel like a complete idiot. That's why I am so glad I found this site.

Thanks again!



Something else on this topic.

I was looking at doing adding bent over rows to my routine, but I am worried about lower back injury, which I am prone to. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Also, for the low weight reps, about what percentage of my 1 PM Max should they be.