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What to Do Next?

So Monday starts week three of my cycle. I’m thinking my amraps will be 2 reps If I continue the pattern. Plus’s my form is suffering on squats and trap bar dead lift with the heavy weight. So I’m going to drop my tm percent. But also feel like I need a little volume in my life.
I was wondering what to drop my tm% by if I was going to give BBB a go at the same time.I also have a weight vest in its way.

I’m 5 8 188 about 25%
I presume this week will look like this
Squat 275# 1-2 reps
Bench 200#. 2-3
Trap bar dead lift 300# 2-4
Shoulder press 120#. 2-3

You’re supposed to be able to hit your tm for 5 good reps at any point

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And last cycle I could. That’s why I’m going to drop it

If this is the case, you may want to examine your recovery and diet closely. If you could do a weight for 5 reps last month and can’t get a lower weight for 2 reps this month, you either increased your training max too much or you’ve overreached your ability to recover.

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yea I’ve had the tm set at 90 percent. From the beginning . I just trying to figure out what I should drop it to for bbb to mix things up. Didn’t know weather to do 70 or 80% tm of current program. Or resent my one rep max and set tm to 90%. Wich would set my lifts even lower

Or MaybeI need to re read the book.

Use the rep calculator to calculate your TM based off your PR sets next week.

But, most importantly, reread @garagerocker13 post carefully because to my mind, something’s gone really wrong here.

Now that I think about it. I thinK what happenEd was my original P.R. was determined from when I was on a cycle of rad 140 doing 5x5. Then took a week off for Christmas. Then calculated my 1rm off that. Then started 5/3/1. Off cycle and didn’t calculate for that

One week didn’t affect your strength noticeably. Unless you did something really extreme like cut down to 100 kcals a day, which seems unlikely over Christmas.

Looking at the numbers:

Last cycle:
Squat: 280lbs x 5

This cycle (~3 weeks later)
Squat: 275lbs x 1-2

Something has gone wrong between these points. What’s your recovery and diet look like?

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Recovery carries. Sleep is variable. I’m assuming I’m going to be in the 1-2 rep range and if I am trying to come up with plan for following cycle

Use your PR set to calculate a new TM.

I think it would still be wise to figure out why you’ve got noticeably weaker instead of stronger.

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This is really important here rabbit. 5/3/1 is just about impossible to regress on, if you’re not messing up something major. You’ve regressed, which indicates something very important is either not being done or not being done right.

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Thanks for all the reply’s and input.I think. I will reset my one rep max. set tm at 90 percent. That should drop the weight about 20 pounds.
my body wakes me up at 330-430 from time to time and I do notice it in Gym.