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What To Do Next After TBT?


im pretty new to T-Nation and i recently started CW's total-body training. Im five weeks into it and have gained a couple of pounds- mostly on my back and chest, not much on the arms. Im 16 and was about 127lbs before i started and now im 130lbs. I was wondering what programme to do next after TBT. I was thinking maybe of doing Chad's Quatrro Dynamo, or Optimized Volume Training (OVT.
What do you think?
btw my main goal is to get massive


Probably ABBH 1 and then ABBH 2 would be decent ideas if you like CW's stuff and are looking for size.
Btw, five weeks into TBT and you've gained three pounds? You should eat more. I gained about 15 pounds on that program, most of which was muscle. How tall are you?


Im about 5"8 5"9. I try to eat more but i cant buy all the supplements so i just try and eat 3-4 cans of tuna a day and im my post workout shake i put: 2cups of oats, milk, 3 eggs, sugar, 1banana, water.
any thoughts?


You don't need supplements. You just need to make sure you're eating enough. If you're eating 3-4 cans of tuna a day or you neglecting other meats like chicken, beef, etc.?


Due to the nature of the TBT program, if you liked it, you could simply do it over again. I've been working different variations on the theme for about a year now.