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What to Do in Savannah, GA?


not sure if i spelled that correctly?

anyways, have a fellow LT leaving for iraq on the 7th. couple of buddies and i are meeting him for the weekend.

gonna be there from the 2nd-6th. staying in a hotel that's right near the airforce (hartford?) base.

if anyone has good suggestions for food/drink/music/women, i'd be more than grateful.


3 places that i highly recommend for great food and beers are churchill's pub, boar's head grill and the moon river brewery.

churchill's and boar's head are in the historic district.

once you're full of food and drink, you may need to find some "rowdier" places for the afterparty/women, etc.

as a 3/75 guy, i tried not to spend too much time on 1/75 turf. :wink:

best wishes for your friend on his deployment. RLTW


hell yeah late, thanks for the info! will def let you know how it turns out

btw, you still in the regiment?


LOL....in spirit only. I'm an "old" man....hence my user name late-start-old-fart

I was there in the late 80's - early 90's.

Let me know how it goes.


I always read your name as latest art old fart.

I'm retarded.


Savannah's great. There's a ton of cool little bars and resturants all over the historic district. Not to mention no open container laws. Check out the river walk. It's full of bars and clubs right on the river.

i agree with LSOF, Churchill's is a great bar.

I miss Savannah, it's been a few years since i've been there. Have to plan a trip back real soon...