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What to Do in New York?


Headed to NY in a few weeks and have never been there, going with the gf, can anyone suggest some things not to miss out on when I am there? I am also looking for a place to train if anyone has good suggestions near Brooklyn.


PM Thoughts1053, he lives and trains in Brooklyn.

As far as things to do in NY, are we talking sightseeing, or places to get the best brugers, mexican food etc?



lol @ near brooklyn. Brooklyn is huge. Be more specific. A zip code perhaps. I assume youre staying in downtown brooklyn, close to the city but there are easily 50 gyms in Brooklyn.

Kai Green trains at the 5th avenue gym but that place may have closed down.


Manhatten in general.


lol, I realized that when I put it up, wasnt very specific. I am going there for an interview for medical school so I will be there for a week staying with a friend in downtown Brooklyn, I will get the zip and give a more specific area. stuff to watch out for in relation to high crime areas, etc..

the sightseeing stuff I can look up anywhere, wanted to know specifics from anyone that lives there on what I shouldnt miss out on and especially what parts/areas to avoid/if I go to a club or something. Havent really decided on what to do when I am there.


prob all of the above


Make sure you have women with you when you go to a club. If you don't, there are a lot of places you won't get into.



Diviest, smelliest, most disgusting bar in Hell's Kitchen.

I love it.


If that's the place I'm thinking of, when you walk in the door, are there arcade games to the right?

One of them a hunting game?

Loved it!


Also, Scores.


I'm going with the family soon so I'll be following along.


-Make sure you spend $8 at basically any connivence store and buy a map that also has the subway lines on it. It will help you getting around.

  • Only go to certain places for pizza. There are a lot of shitty pizza joints in Manhattan. Of course, if you're from out of town you may not be able to tell the difference.

-If you need access to Wifi, go to Burger King -lol. This saved me a few times

-If you're taking busses to closely located cities, avoid the Peter Pan Bus Lines. I actually had an okay experience in my one trip from NY to Philly, but I've heard millions of horror stories. Take Megabus or Boltbus. Also get there early, they overbook busses.

-Ask the cost of a drink before you buy one at a club. I ordered 3 drinks for my sister and her roommates in my first trip to NYC and it cost me $45... all the money I had.

-The WTC site USE to be this open thing where you could go, see the sight, a timeline of what happened and the memorial. Now it's pretty commercialized but still free. If you want to see it you will have to get a visitors pass or whatever they're called. They only give out so many in a day so plan ahead and get one early. I think they may be attainable online.

-Not sure if you want to buy clothes while you're there, but there's a really good outlet mall 45min away from NYC. There are busses daily to it leaving from the Port Authority. Manhattan will obviously have the best selection, but everything will be full price. Can't remember what it's called, but you can contact the port authority.

-Since 9/11 they have taken out luggage lockers from all the train stations and crap, so if you need to store your luggage you will to have to go to a third party. Even then, the third party places close early -11pm.

-People eat late in NY (10pm for dinner), so if you want to avoid the rush and not worry about waiting or reservation go between 6-8pm for dinner at a restaurant.

-While you're there, do me a favour and go to Wall St. and punch as many protestors in the face as you can for me.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.




Could be. I don't remember games. I had a friend who lived down the street from there so we used to go all the time. I was usually fairly intoxicated. I don't think it was possible to be there sober.


Haha, I was slammed after the Hard Rock. I know I remember that pig though. Place was pretty cool. What if we were there at the same time? (swoons) Penn station was nasty at like 3am.


One of NYC many best places to go.



Canal st(knockoff capital of the world), strip clubs, asian massage parlors, and escorts what else is there?


This is kind of fun for venturing in NYC. They're supposed to be speak easy style bars. Good cocktails.


If they want a guaranteed table they have to call the reservation line @ exactly 3PM and keep calling because the number is damn busy all the friggin time... or they can just show up pick up the phone inside the telephone booth inside Crif Dogs on St. Marks b/w 1st & A. Dial a number and then wait for the hostess to open the secret door inside the phone booth. Tell her the number in the party and she'll tell you how long a wait will be...


I thought they closed down all the real strip joints in the city. All they have left is those overpriced on the stage dance spots like the one howard stern use to visit.

Now that knockoff capital of the world stuff is the Gods honest truth.


You should also go eat REAL chinese food in Chinatown - or do Dim Sum at one of the dim sum places off of Pearl.

Also, I don't want to brag, but we here in NYC have THE BEST sushi in all of the United States of America.

Also, we're kind of the best, So yeah.