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What to Do In Chicago?

Im going to Chicago next saturday (25th march) on business for roughly a week.

I’ll have a bit of time for sight seeing and what not, so could any of you recommend places to go and see?

i work in real estate and will be going to the CBRE tower and the seers tower so id prefer free time that doesnt involve buildings!

thanks in advance

If you like to fish, check out this guy…


I went on a charter last year and had a blast. Here’s a pic…

  1. Tho’ it involves buildings, take a tour of either the Board of Trade or the Mercantile Exchange. It’s amazing to think of the effect these guys have on the world’s economy.

  2. Eat! Hot dogs, pizza, gyros, Italian Beef…you’ll have to write off your trip to “The City of Three Sandwiches” as a “cheat week” though.

My first recommendation is to take a 2am weekend trip to the Weiner Circle which is quite an experience. The workers there exhibit a sort of tough love that stops just short of outright violence. At 2am with the drunks, it’s surreal.

Without knowing more about what you like to do, those two should get you started.

You like museums? I do.

  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • Field Museum of Natural History
  • Museum of Science and Industry

Wrigleyville, is a must…

Stay away from Wrigleyville, unless you like men, I mean really LIKE men. If you’re going to the Sears Tower you’ll be near a bar called The Cactus, a lot of slutty women there.

You gotta catch some blues…


And eat some pizza…

cheers guys, some good suggestions so far:)

im most definately not opposed to a few museums so will try and get to all of those.

it does seem that my trip is going to be destined a cheat week. pizza, greek town and china town dont bode well!

i hadnt even considered fishing. i suppose ther has to be some pretty good fish in a lake the size of michigan!

whats the weather like over there at the moment?

[quote] OK Mod HiJack.

You want REAL damn music, Blues etc… You MUST go to Buddy Guys Legends.

That and go throw down a slab of ribs and throw the bones and napkins at people at Dicks Last resort.

Great town been to long.

End Hijack,

[quote]Midwest_Man wrote:
You gotta catch some blues…


And eat some pizza…


i will definately be checking out some of those blues bars. cheers buddy.

Wrigleville and Roscoe Village are two different places. They are close and sure there is some cross over, but it’s not like you are saying…
Hit… Cubbybear, Sluggers, Irish Oak, Hi topps and Bar Louie

Have fun, Chicago is a great town. I’n not from Chicago, but my aunt lived there and I have travled there on business several times. Its one of my favorite city. There is so much to do, you don’t need a car to get around, and there is just a great atmosphere to the place. Oh yeah, and the food is great!

John Hancock building Signature Room for Brunch on Sunday (10AM- 2PM). It is a former “World’s tallest building” and the view is awesome. Food is definitely worth it. Try to lift the morning you go in and have the mother of all cheat meals.


Just get there early as even on Sunday traffic in Chicago sucks.

Also, check out Navy Pier. Cool place to walk around and drink. They do a lot of dinner cruises out of there too if you want to chill. It is right behind John Hancock building, so that could be your Sunday right there.

It’s a shame you’re not coming to Chicago in the summer ! It’s a must to watch a Cubs game on a warm summer day, with a couple beers.

Some other places you might want to try:

Tavern on Rush
Gibson’s Steak House
~Any bar up in Lincoln Park or Wicker Park ( at the intersection of Milwaukee, North, and Damen)…it really all depends on what you’re looking for

As for the weather, March in Chicago is a bit nasty. It could be 65 F and sunny on Monday, then snowing and 35F on Tuesday. Hope you have a great time though. Enjoy!

cheers guys i really appreciate all the feedback. i am staying at the bes western just off N michigan avenue so im pretty much slap bang in the centre.

i cant wait!


~Oh, before I start working again…this is a pretty cool website to check out. It give reviews of basically any bar or rest. in the area, as well as other events that are going on too. at the ‘find a place’ drop down section, you’ll most likely want to select Wicker Park/Bucktown, Lincoln Park, Loop, Warehouse…

Alright, well, enjoy your trip!

Go downtown taking on of the L trains, get off, and feel what its like to be in downtown chicago. Go seen the Bean, Millenium Park, hit a mesuem up, and then walk in between the towering skyscrapers. At night, go to the bars, and havefun

not that it will fit any diet you are on, but your life is not co0mplete until you eat Giordanos or Ginos deep dish pizza. Some people swear by malnatis but I wasnt impressed.

I always hit up the art institute, I dont know much about art but I can wander around there for days.

Wrigleyville is fun, and I have had pretty good and completely hetero experiences going out there at night.

Hi-topps is the biggest douchebag bar in Wrigleyville. If you have do end up in Wrigleyville, I’d avoid that place. You’re better off around with the other suggestions to stay around Lincoln Park/Wicker Park, but maybe you’d like the downtown clubs. It’s tought to say without knowing what you’re into. There’s something for everybody.

The museums are tough if you’ve only got a few days. You could wander around the Art Institute alone for 3 days and not see half of it.

Definitely write it off as a cheat week! Not only does Chicago have good food at the high end restaurants, it’s the best city to eat for under $5.

Too bad you have to work while you’re here.

[quote]Chris Jayne wrote:

i will definately be checking out some of those blues bars. cheers buddy.[/quote]

Hope you have a great time. Give us an update afterwards of what you liked best.

[quote]cynic16 wrote:

Too bad you have to work while you’re here.[/quote]

ive got my diary sorted so im working 9-3pm monday to friday. i arrive late saturday night and leave the following sunday. that gives me two full days and a good evening session.

i really appreciate the time you guys have taken to suggest things.

i’ll update when im back