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What to Do In Between Work Sets?

Hi guys,

i´m using the BBB 5x5 Variation with Template two (e.g. bench + OHP BBB) at the moment. Since i take about 3-5 minutes for rest, i got a lot of free time in between the sets (especially worksets and BBB Sets). Now i was wondering, how i could use this time (other than playing air guitar and dancing aroung my home gym).
Jim often mentioned doing pull-ups/chin-ups, which ist not an option for me. I´m using a full power rack with a monkey bar, so i can´t use the monkey bar if there is a bar in the rack (bench, OHP, squats). What else could i do? I´m not planning to superset my assistance work, just doing a little more assistance in between the “heavy” sets.

You can superset assistance between your sets. Commonly used thing in the 5/3/1 nowadays.


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not really necessary, take your time before the 5/3/1 top set but after that 60-90 secs is fine - I would say much better for both hypertrophy and conditioning IMO

Krypteia, Jims current flagship template is pretty much all-go after the heavy work and the feedback is crazy so no need to sit around twiddling your thumbs

I´ve tried with less, but as my BBB is 5 x 5 reps @ 80% TM, i couldn´t handle the BBB with less than 2-3 minutes rest without losing my form or let the speed drop too much.

What are you super setting those 5 sets with? Also BBB is 5x10 not 5x5, the % would be a bit lower for that reason too.

Jim mentioned the 5 x 5 variation in Beyond and to me, it works way better than the 5 x 10 variation.

Nothing at the moment, as i do pull ups as back assistance on upper body days and hanging leg raises on lower body days. As i mentioned above, my monkey bar is in my power rack, so i can´t use her as a long as my bar is in the rack. So the only exercise i could superset at the moment would be deadlifts.

I commonly superset bench with facepulls and OHP with some sort of vertical pull.

I don’t think it’s advisable to superset squat and DL with other exercises imo.


Superset situps or abs with your supplemental dl or squat, why not?

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I mean…if you want to train abs directly sure? I honestly don’t - never felt the need to since I get enough core engagement through squats and dls themselvea - but crunches, planks, ab wheel etc is low stress enough to superset along with squats and dls. But I still don’t see much value in it. Do what works for you.


How would you recommend doing the supersets? Without any rest (ex1 -> ex2 -> ex1), with some rest after the second exercise (ex1 -> ex2 -> rest -> ex1) or with a little rest aber each one (ex1 -> rest -> ex2 -> rest -ex1)?

I would do both exercises without rest then reat in between each superset.

Bench -> Face Pull REST Repeat


Ok, i think i´ll start supersetting DL-BBB with Abs, OHP with face-pulls and bench with some lateral raises oder bend over lateral raises, if my lower back can handle these.

You could also put the bar on the floor for presses and just clean the bar before the first rep, that way you could do the chins between sets. Or take it out of the rack, do your presses, and set the bar down on the floor. Then do your chins and clean the bar and put it back in the rack.

I would do rehab/prehab for the Opposite Day. So if you’re benching, do some banded hamstring curls or banded good mornings. High rep low intensity. Get some blood in the lower back. Squat day, tricep/shoulder rehab

I have been supersetting squats and deads with exercises for many years. Don’t see the issue with it.

I’m always working between sets. Usually it’s giant sets. Press-chin-pull apart, or squat-dip-pull apart or something like that. I ran all of Building the Monolith as a giant set. It’s helpful for getting big, strong, and well conditioned.

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damn bruh even deadlifts?

i need to work on my conditioning

That was quite a thread bump.

But yeah. Conditioning is good. My giant set for today is deficit axle deadlifts to reverse hyper to SSB front squat. Lotta work in little time.

im gonna go deadlift/dips, and then OHP/pullups

glad to see someone actually does this. Beginner myself, Im stuck up in the paralysis by analysis…“am I doing it right?”

exercises done back to back?

Yup. Super or giant sets.