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What to Do in 2nd Lower Day of Upper/Lower Split?

I’m buying in to your “How to deadlift 700” and “Stop doing extra low back work” articles.
I do really love the upper/lower/upper/lower split.
What can I get away with in a second lower day?
My first lower day I do:
3x3 jumps
GHR supersetted with ab wheel*
Tire Deads
Camber squats

  • I’m old and doing these at the first gets me ready for the heavy work.
    I saw where you mention deficit SDL and GMs. Can they be done on the 2nd day without over doing it?
    Thanks for all the words of wisdom.

Added later for your info:
On my second lower day I did:
Jumps 3x3
Step ups 3x8r
Superset GHR and ab wheel 3x8r
Reverse hyper 3x8r

I wouldn’t do anything low back based on day 2. If you’re trying to build strength leave the low back work alone or anything that taxes it.