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What To Do If Libido and Erections Occur At Different Estrogen Levels?

For some, libido and erections occur at the same level of estrogen.

But for some, libido occurs with a higher estrogen and erections at a lower level.

What do we do in this case?

Or is it the free t affecting libido??

Could be. Who knows.

Just wish i could find some semblance of libido.

I have no libido ever either. Morning erections sometimes but I lose them and literally no sexual desire or drive at all.

Yeah it’s awful

Gorgeous gf. Very attracted to her. But zero push for sex. That “in heat” feeling isnt there.

Sounds like me exactly. I don’t know what else to do, just made a post about it. Suspected possible low progesterone. But it’s making me want to quit completely, although I’ve been on so long a recovery is probably unlikely even though I’m in my 30s

I too thought low prog, so I have been taking pregnenolone.

Any success so far? I experimented with it a while back but the rest of my protocol was suboptimal.

Have you gotten 8 week full labs from both scenarios to compare and contrast?

I would pick the dose with higher libido and start working on solutions around it, who knows, maybe It could stabilize on it’s own in several months maybe.

For me in the heat of the moment i can feel horny, but that drive to pursue women and that energy that you draws you to the interaction isn’t there.

I just started HGH 4 days ago and will ride this out for 6 plus months, provided i can keep my insulin and blood sugar in check. Hoping to get some long lasting healing effects, definitely will report back if something noteworthy takes place in several months.

So it’s been a few years of trying different protocols without much success for libido.

I looked over my years of bloods and went back to a protocol that had my best T:E2 ratio on it. It was at 30mg EOD. Bloods were as follows:

TT 741 (250-1100)
FT 193 (35-155)
E2 49 (<29)

My T:E2 ratio was 15.1. So it was decent.

Was thinking THIS time around i’d throw in .25mg of arimidex EOD along with my shot. I don’t have bloods yet.

My idea was that my FT was good, but that my E2 was too high, and due to my lower SHBG, it canceled out libido. Too much FE2

Well, it’s been a few weeks on this protocol, and my libido is definitely more pronounced. So i’m thinking with the .25 ai EOD, my E2 lowered a bit, making my ratio increase a bit. And to those who say “just reduce dose to reduce E2”… i’ve tried that, and nothing.

Now it’s not crazy over the top libido… but i’ve gone from ZERO to something, so i’m on the right track.

I think some guys just don’t aromatize in the most advantageous way and they need more control of their E2.

Just thought i’d post. I’ll see where i am in a few more weeks, then tweak a bit and see if i can increase libido more. Maybe raise dose to 40mg EOD and leave ai alone at .25 EOD.


Yes, high e2 can totally fuck up ur libido for many, myself included.

Try NPP, it did wonders for my libido as a low shbg guy. And dont listen to the people who told you not to ever use AI, they obviously have no idea what they are talking about, just as I said many months ago.

NPP? What’s that?

nandrolone phenylpropionate

Thanks for posting this and please keep us updated on your results. In practice, it is very frustrating when almost everyone gets great results and then you have the few who do not. I get frustrated, so I can’t imagine how frustrated they are. I’m always looking for possible solutions.

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So update:

libido slowly vanished. My thoughts are perhaps .25mg ai EOD was too aggressive. I am cutting it back some to E3D.

@roscoe88 email me

I don['t see an email address on your profile

I just added it back.

ok. i sent an email.

Appreciate any thoughts.

You are correct in my book I have low SHBG at 18 been on trt for 3 years tried all doses and injection frequency.

Don’t listen to all these no AI guys there quacks we are not all the same low SHBG guys are different!

I’m injecting test 20mg daily
I just started on Liquid Anastrozole and the very first dose
Boom morning wood!

After a week of Anastrozole just 5 drops 1/8 mg a day
Boom weight/water weight dropping!
Boom looking way leaner!
Boom Libido increasing!
Boom emotions under control now!
Boom have that drive to do things finish projects again!
Boom sleeping better but wake at 4 am every morning ready to tackle the world!

I have had a great reaction to the AI was ready to quit TRT was seeing no benefits maybe even feeling worse then before starting.

Quacks. Do you have any actual evidence to support this claim? My shbg is 18 as well. I do every other day shots and I can assure you I am completely dialled in without using an AI. There is something wrong with your weekly dose, most likely. You provided no Labs, no real information, so no way to provide any feedback. Your great reaction to the AI is basically taking an anti-cancer medication to mask the symptoms of a protocol that is not ideal for you, all at the expense of your health.