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What to Do If I'm Going Overseas and Can't Inject?

I’ve been on TRT for almost 2 weeks now and feeling great with no side effects. I’m on 125mg per week, injecting 62.5mg every 3.5 days. Test E.

My question is, I’m going overseas in September for 2 weeks. I have access to Test E and Test U at home, but taking it overseas is absolutely not an option. One person has recommended that I dose two weeks worth the night before I leave of test E, 250mg in one shot. I’m not sure how wise this is. I also figured maybe I could use a bit of test U, but that takes some time to activate and I’m not sure how far ahead before September I should start taking it

Any advice would be tremendously appreciated.

If you are self medicating and dont have a script there are still ways to bring the test with you…if you have a script then its not an issue.

I don’t have a script and do not want to risk prosecution in a foreign country

Well then you can either just stop injecting now and start over when you get back or cancel the trip if your health is important

Why would I not inject up until the point when I leave? What are the consequences?

Dose 1.5 weeks worth instead of leaving you with nothing and ruining your stay in another country. You have no side effects which is remarkable in of itself, I doubt you get sides injecting more T since you are doing this well.

If you were having problems like some guys do in the beginning, my advice would be different.

You’ll be fine.

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Thanks for the reply. Is it that rare to not have side effects? I do have a low dose. Is it the case that if you had side effects then you’d know about it? Because I feel nothing but positive. Which side effects are the most common and most expected?

And to be specific, you said dose two 1.5 weeks worth. So 3 weeks worth? That seems a bit much. And how close would those two doses be?

Exactly where are you traveling?

I am traveling to Japan

Yeah, Japan is pretty zero tolerance.

Jack yourself up and enjoy the ride.

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Why don’t you just go get a legit script before the trip you would be surprised my first script came from an urgent care with one blood test even if the doctor gives you a shity dose you can put your test in the vial and continue dosing your way with what appears to be a legit script

Will japan allow it even if you have a legit US prescription?

personally I don’t mess around with traveling to other countries because I don’t want to be targeted for being American and get set up in some way however many people say they don’t have problems with their test even bringing needles on the plane and everything

I bring them on the plane and haven’t had issues but I haven’t ever taken them to another country. I’m sure it’s highly dependent on where you’re going

Where you’re going is what matters most, but clearing security in the US is the biggest hurdle. They sell something referred to as a “Wallet” for diabetics to carry insulin and such. Not likely to get a second look in one of those.


Well, I guess I got lucky. I had a 12 hour layover there with a rather full bottle of generic Adderall in my bag.

Five years hard labor, rooming with Bubba.

Pay attention next time.

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I personally would not risk it in any foreign country, I’m just going to take a larger dose, to be determined, the day before the flight.

You can bring Test into Japan as long as it’s less than a months supply. Anything over that requires an approval. I travel extensively for work all over Europe the Middle East and Asia and have never had a problem. Some countries do require you to declare it on your customs form. Although in your case you should have a prescription.