what to do if I fall off the wagon

lets say I end up having a bigger then intended lunch. Has not happened yet but seems inevitable given the amount of entertaining I do for work. If I happen to consume most calories, fat and carbs in 1 meal, do I just fast the rest of the day? I know it’s not ideal, but whats the best way to make the most of a bad situation?

the best thing to do is accept that you indulged and go about your business.you will only haurt yourself in the the long run by fasting.that is if muscle is your primary concern.you could also do a little high intensity cardio after your over feeding but sometimes an overfeed is justified.

i wouldn’t fast… you definitely want to eat every 3 hours… I would just reduce the cal of the next few meals by a little bit.
I would not fast though… I think the body’s response to a fast is to store more bodyfat

DO NOT FAST the rest of the day. Get right back on the wagon, so to speak. Berardi has a great article called “Damage Control” check it out.
In my opinion, one lunch will not kill you, however, a bad lunch + not eating the rest of the day = bad news.
This happens to me at times, I will usually drink a shake a few hours later and if I feel reallllly bloated, I’ll do some kind of exercise, nothing heavy, just something to get the blood flowing.

One of my favorite quotes that can be applied to just about any area of life is: “It’s what you do everyday that counts.”

So if you’re consistantly spot on with your diet and screw up one meal, don’t sweat it.

If you workout 5x/week months on end - don’t sweat missing a day.

Now this is just common sense really. Think about it. If you ate crappy all the time and then ate one clean meal would you expect it to dramatically change your physique? If you don’t workout for 3 weeks and then workout once would you expect significant results?

It’s what you do everyday that counts.

One key component of your damage control strategy is exercise. There are two schools of thought regarding exercising on “cheat day,” one group arguing that exercising before the meal is better while one argues that exercising after the meal is better.Bottom line, when it’s time to pig out, if you have to make a choice between exercising before or exercising after the meal, after the meal is the way to go -JB

Once you’ve done the damage, don’t eat again that same day until you start to feel hungry or at least wait until you don’t feel painfully full any longer. If you’re not used to huge calorie loads, you’ll undoubtedly remain full for hours and hours afterward. This is due to the super-slow digestion that’s taking place as a result of all that food volume and all that saturated fat. Don’t force yourself to eat on a schedule on these days because you’re afraid of catabolism or something. By feasting you’ve created a huge nutrition storage depot in your stomach and the nutrition will be slowly released for hours to come.

On the following day after a ridiculous binge, get right back on your regular diet. Don’t try to eat less or try to “diet” the binge off. It doesn’t work and just screws you up even more for days to come. You may not feel much like eating the next day. Eat anyway. You may feel bloated. Eat anyway. -JB