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What to Do? I Really Dont Know

im am taking 400mg of testosterone enanthate and per ampule its 250mg… so basically there will be 50mg left where will i put it? im asking so that for my first cycle i know what to do thank you

Gunna have to cancel the cycle mate

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seriously bro? my question is serious

Seriously a dumb question. You could just run 500 like a normal cycle, or space out your injections enough so it averages to 400/wk, or preload your syringes…there is number of things you can do.

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Just inject it every 4 days, it works out to 429mg per week and is the closest you can get to 400mg without wasting your gear. Better to just inject 500mg though IMO but every four days is your best shot if your heart is set on 400mg.

I would not call the OP’s question dumb, he wants to take 400mg and is merely asking a question about how he should go about it, people come on forums and ask questions to learn, that is the point of them. What is dumb is advising people to pre-load syringes. It’s an abscess waiting to happen.

Clearly I’m not the only one who thought it was a silly question and that OP is making a big deal out of nothing…

My response was tempered by that. I agree preloading syringes is not the smartest approach, which is why it was the last of my three recommendations, but preloading a syringe one injection in advance is far from the riskiest thing someone has recommended on this site. I’ve done it myself several times when travelling, and if done correctly the only risk is from exposure to air. Plus the BA in the oil is highly antiseptic.

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I am new to this site but not AAS forums, I know of two guys who got abscesses through clean injections, personally I would do anything to minimise the risk of that, after you see the pictures you would not recommend it.

I did my first cycle at 400mg, gains were great, I see no issue in the question, he just wants to do 400mg and not 500mg without wasting gear. Yes, 500mg will not make much of a difference but mocking someone over 100mg is clearly not going to help them…

OP just take the extra if it’s for a cycle - it’s not as if we are trying to dial in a long term TRT approach here so it won’t make a big difference either way


What he actually asked is where he should put the extra 50mg - not how should he avoid wasting it.

Stupid fucking question.

If what he meant to ask is how he should go about getting near his target of 400mg per week then that is something that he should have been able to figure out without having to ask anyone.

Also i don’t see any risk with preloading a syringe one injection in advance.


When I first read the OP I actually thought it may have been a troll and was about to suggest he applied the 50mg to the scrotum.

The thing is, we all started somewhere and have probably asked stupid questions at one time or another.

For what it’s worth I don’t have any issues with pre loading either…:wink:

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And where he should put it is in his chosen injection site. It’s safer to simply change the dosing schedule rather than to preload syringes. Any experienced user who cares about injecting themselves in a sanitary, sterile manner could tell you this. What you are advocating may not, but could cause potential harm. I see it as bad advice but do what you will.

As for this I see no issue in answering a quick question for someone. There is no need for arrogance.

It’s the Internet brother. Newcomers anywhere need to be prepared to have thick skin because the regulars hear the same silly questions day in and day out, often by people who just joined to ask their silly question with no intention of ever contributing to the site. Also a lot of the new guy questions are thinly veiled attempts at getting attention, and others just want to be spoon fed instead of doing research. If I sense either of those happening I will let someone know that but still give useful advice, as I did here, and you chose me of all people to pick a fight with, and I’m one of the most cordial people on here. I don’t get what your deal is


And please explain how I am picking a fight with you then? All I have done is pointed out the fact you are being arrogant, rude and that there is simply no need for it. If I was picking a fight with you then you would know about it, I would call this a debate.

I simply have my opinions; a. I think preloading syringes is a silly idea, pointing out he reasons why and b. You were being overly rude for no reason.

As stated previously, it is a forum, it is for discussion, not childish remarks and accusations of people with opposing views who want to fight you. I think you need to settle down.

It’s a simple question, why not just answer it for him?

You’re clearly the one who needs to settle down…

Answered in my very first response.

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Should have said why not answer it without being rude… mistake on my part.

you can absolutely preload syringes. I do it all the time. I know guys who have been doing it for years.


although if it were me I’d just pin the whole vial…

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This was actually a serious response. If someone is planning on using these drugs and cannot figure this out for themselves this is a red flag. Sure he has asked for help which is perfectly reasonable but this is just so basic it shouldn’t need to be asked.

If he cannot figure this out then what about everything else that goes with using these drugs?


okay i see i’ll just preload the syringe where will i put it? in the refrigerator or just room temp?