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What to Do for Pulled Groin?


I have recently developed some pain in my groin that I can't seem to get rid of. I did a powerlifting meet back in july and went 507/341/518 raw in the 181's with it starting to hurt some during that time. Of course, being a powerlifter I worked through it for a long time but it has slowly gotten worse and I have had to admit to myself that it will either be a lagging injury for an extended period of time or I need to take some time off from squatting and pulling to let it heal. I need any extra advice anyone has for trying to make my recovery time shorter.

Things that hurt it the worst are any variation of squatting and any pulling from the floor or a deficit. For two weeks in a row I have done heavy SLD's and leg extensions. I hadn't used the leg extension in over four years. I feel that I can comfortably do heavy SLD's and lockouts at the knee level with almost no pain. Squatting the bar causes me to feel a pull in that area.

Should I be regularly taking ibuprofen? Should I be stretching any? Should I just lay off and do nothing for a little while? I know a simple 2 weeks of isn't going to do the trick. What are some other exercises anyone has done with this pain? All one leg and multi-joint things are off the table for a while. Thank for any input from the veteran lifters.


Not a veteran, but I worked through a strain in the past.

I strained my high hamstring, and ended up doing Rippetoe's Starr Rehab recommendation. It's a very reasonable, logical approach IMO.

Let it rest until it feels like it is healing, maybe a couple week or so, then start with just the bar and do like 3 sets of 20 squats. Next day, add 10lbs and do 3 sets of 20. Every day, add a little bit of weight and just do some high reps and let it work through the range of motion.

It should hurt a bit, but there is a difference between rehab pain and injury pain.

He's got the full protocol up on his website somewhere.

Only applies if it is a pull/muscle belly injury, which I think you would know as you would have heard/felt a little pop; it would have been a very discrete moment when it went from being OK to not right.

If something is inflammed, like tendinitis due to overuse, the only thing I can recommend is rest. Ibuprofen will help, but only mask it and let you train through it potentially making it worse.

Stretching/mobility will help if it is caused by some sort of moving disfunction. I had a nagging hip flexor thing up that I fixed by stretching and changing my form on squats. Lasted about 3 months, and took some due diligence holding some very nasty stretches until it resolved.

I'd recommend experimenting with some stretches until you find something that is tight or aggravated then work through it.


Hi buddy,

Im going through a groin issue at the moment myself. I think I have strained my groin by doing some heavy ass lunges the other day at the gym. Im hoping its not a hernia or oseitis pubis!!
Im taking the approach of total rest of lower body for 2-3 weeks, and then re-asses afther that. Im not sure if ibuprofen will help with recovery time, I feel it would just mask the pain??
Let me know how you go.



Where exactly is your pain? Ive been doing walking lunges recently and have discomfort in the front of my pelvic area.

Are lunges common offender of these kind of injuries?



Anything squatting motion with a wide stance or any single let movement is going to use the groin a little more and cause pain. I stay away from any unilateral leg movements as well as full range squats and deads. I hope mine only takes a couple months. I have taken 3 weeks off so far and can still feel it doing common everyday movements. I just started some cycles of NSAID's and I hope that helps. If anyone has any other advice it is greatly appreciated.


I strained my right groin real bad doing heavy leg press a while ago and that area stayed stiff and painful for a while. any kind of deep squatting or leg press would hurt. what helped later was 1 legged leg curl done bent over. it seemed to have filled some blood into the area and within weeks it was back to where I was.