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What to Do for Next Cycle?

Currently on Test E and Dbol, gonna stop taking DBOL in a couple days, been on it for about 4 weeks.

I’m on the skinnier side currently, what’s the best oral steroid besides dbol for bulking and strength?

Food…lots of it.

If you’re skinny on Test and Dbol you’re problem is not more gear it’s food, training, and/or rest.


Test is all you really need for decent gains of mass, add a little dbol and that’ll up your strength. If you are on the skinnier side I would repeat whatever cycle you are currently on until you can no longer gain from it. I’m just going to guess and say your diet needs a little work. That’s what you should be focusing on.

I’m 155 5’10 I’m really not that skinny lol

Alright, sounds good
how long do you think i should wait inbetween cycles, for like liver and such

Sorry my man but 155 at 5’10 is very skinny, especially for someone already using AAS.

The general rule is to wait in between cycles as long as you were on cycle, but I usually wait a little longer.

12 week cycle
Maybe 16-20 weeks off.

Brother…155 @ 5’10 is crazy skinny…like boxer skinny. What does your daily food intake look like. Don’t just say “I eat clean”…what are your macros or describe a typical day of eating. You need food my brother.

Shit if he gets any skinnier he’s gonna need Jesus!


Im by no means an expert with AAS but I can tell you youre skinny… I consider myself skinny and Im 5’8 175 lbs… You shouldnt even start a cycle until you know how to eat and train… I eat 6000 to 8000 calories a day. 250 grams of protein. I eat until Im stuffed then force myself to eat more… Chicken, tuna, eggs, greek yogurt with some grains, fruit, salads… I eat 5 meals a day plus protein shakes. My entire life revolves around food… Feeding your muscles is just as important as training. I used to be 140 lbs Im 175 now without any steroids… I havent even done one cycle yet… Your using drugs to get gains you could get easily without steroids. Id end my cycle, do pct and focus on your diet and training, get yourself to a point where you are gaining without any steroids then when you plateau try a cycle.


Im 220lbs at 5’10 and I’m not fat just have a little extra around the stomach that is quickly disappearing. I was 150-160 ten years ago when i was all strung out and i looked frail and near death

My man, you’re really skinny. It’s ok, nobody here is judging you for that. But you’re nowhere near needing steroids. Truly. I started trt at 155 and I’m three inches shorter than you…and I was a skinny dude. Just eat and eat and eat. It works, I promise.