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What to do for Back (Besides Rows & Pullups)

I squatted 2 days ago and my ass & hamstrings are too sore to deadlift…so besides my usual DB rowing, and BB rowing, what should I do today? I want something new to hit the back differently than I usually do.

machine pull downs? pull ups? good mornings? 45 degree hyper extensions holding plates (posterior chain)?


Does your gym have any Hammer Strength back machines?

Straight-arm cable pullovers are a favorite of mine.

cable rows ftw. pull with your traps = win

rack chins.

Chest-supported rows.

Seated rows.

Horizontal rows.

Rear delt raises.


Dumbbell power cleans.

T-bar row. Most of the other stuff I was going to suggest has already been listed.

this is going to sound dumb,Ready?

best things you dan do for back is like you said pullups and rows,T-bar rows any rowing variation and pull up chin up ect.
other than that inside the gym I dont see much else you can do.

I like to take a backpack and load up some stuff in it,to add weight I use a couple 25 pounds standard plates and walk around for a few hours like that.

All the Hammer Strength Machines are awesome.

Hammer High Row
Hammer Iso-Row
Hammer Low Row
Hammer D.Y. Row (Yates helped Design this)
Hammer Pullover

Really any Pullover will probably give you that new feeling you’re looking for. If you have any sort of Machine Pullover available I would take advantage of it. Or you could do these…

If not, experiment with Dumbbells, the EZ Curl bar, and the Straight Bar.

If you want to throw around some heavy weight then T-Bar Rows, Various Shrugs, High Rack Pulls above the Knee, and Various Olympic Pulls are always an option.
I find Snatch-Grip Shrugs to be especially killer.

I bet you haven’t tried Face Pulls yet. Row a Tricep Rope to your face with your thumbs up. And if you have tried that, have you tried Seated Olympic Lifts? How Much can you Seated Dumbbell Snatch?

There’s obviously the Close-Grip Cable Row. Maybe you forgot to mention that, but have you tried a Super-Wide Grip Cable Row?

thanks guys! My gym actually has a ton of hammer rows. I LOVE those machines.

all diferent grips

chins, pull downs, t-bar rows, bent rows (one are at a time), hyper extensions, add some trap work if you need more.

Think vertical plane for width, horizontal for thickness.

face pulls

Seriously, T-bar rows are very good for the upper back when you aren’t doing deadlifts. Better than conventional barbell rows imo.

I really like seated cable rows with the T-handle. Really push your shoulder blades back at the top; you’ll feel it.
“Seated Cable Rows”

my traps get blasted from cable rowing. you just have to find the right grip and learn to pull with your traps.

i hate chinups with a passion i dont think ive ever done more than like 8 in my entire life. ive never had a problem with my back though, well my width isnt where id like it to be but my thickness is my best feature.

Hang cleans.