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What To Do During Rehab?

Going to call on the T-Nation for some advice on this one.

Injured right shoulder about a week and a half ago and currently getting it worked on by an excellent ART doc. He has mentioned that for the proper healing to take place it may be wise to take some time off…at least upper body work.

What do you guys do during times of injury to keep yourselves in shape?

Any help is appreciated!!!


Shoulders are nothing to mess around with so my advice to you would be to enjoy your time off.

Eat as clean as you can

Get used to a statioary bike. Especially the recumbant type. You can sit with no shoulder pressure.

I would take it easy. Shoulder problems suck, but having a good ART guy can do wonders. I han an impinged Ulnar(SP?) nerve a couple of years ago and thought I could continue to squat. Big mistake.
I would eat clean and maybe do some outside acivities suck as hiking or walking. Just keep moving. If you had access to a sled I would use that. Good luck.