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What to Do After WSFSB II?

What should I do for a shock? I have been at this routine for awhile and I think might be time to switch it up, what should I do to change it up a bit? switch back to the Shut Up Program then go back after those 3 weeks?

Hell what ever tickles you whistle. Prob good to have something that fits your goals. Choose something that sounds FUN and go bust ass. If your looking for change do something way the heck different maybe a stint of a BB type split routine


maybe try CW’s new Blood on the barbell routine for a week (the one from a day or two ago), looks like “fun.”

Alright, I will take a look at it. Then go back after say 3 weeks?

–After looking at that Bloody Barbell Routine all I can say is…ho-ly shit. That looks tough as hell.

Do you think it would hurt the program if I hanged a couple of exercises?

I would follow what it says, dont do it for more than a week, maybe evena week off after! As for dropping a few exercise, i say do what the man says

I’m kinda scared to do some of the exercises haha. But since you don’t advise to change a couple exercises, I won’t