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What to Do After Starting Strength?

Yes, I know there is a search button, but for some reason its not working for me right now, and I don’t have much time. I started doing Starting Strength in October, got good gains, stalled, reset and started gaining again, stalled, reset, gained, repeat. Now its the end of March and I have been unable to add weight to any of my lifts except deadlift for about a month or so now, no matter what I do, so I think its time for a change.

6 ft 2, 222 lbs
Current lifts:
Squat 265 lbs 3x5
Bench 165 lbs 3x5
Deadlift 345 lbs 1x5
Press 115 lbs 3x5
Clean 170 lbs 3x5

What program do you guys recommend I try now, and if you could, can you provide a link or something that lays the program out? (my computer isn’t working great right now, otherwise I wouldn’t ask this.) Right now my goal is to gain as much muscle as possible until June.