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What to Do After OVT?

I just finished an 8 week session of CT’s OVT (Optimized Volume Training) and boy did I see some results. I was wondering what my fellow T-Nationites would suggest? I’m 6’0 198 and I’m trying to bulk up and acquire strength. Thanks guys (and girls).

Well so many ways to go.

I say either go for more of the same highet in volume and try EDT or go for something with less daily volume and along the lines of CW’s ABBH or even TBT. Either of these will be a change from the OVT you just completed

OVT is a great program, have used it succesfully in the past. I would do something like this:

Week 1: light, recovery week
Week 2-5: TBT, or other frequency based workout
Week 5-13: OVT again, EDT, or other high volume approach if that worked for you.

Most importantly, keep mixing it up!

If you like CT’s stuff go with this

Thanks a bunch guys, I think I’m going to go with some sweet Pendulum Training. I took a 5 day break and I’m more than amped to get back in the gym, I’ll let you know how it goes.