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What to Do After OVT?


Just thinking about what I should do after 8wks of Optimized Volume Training? I'm only 3wks into it now so I'm just trying to plan ahead. I really have no idea what type of program should follow this program. Suggestions?


What the hell is OVT?


OVT is Optimized Volume Training. It is an offshoot of German Volume Training. It comes from Thibaudeau as far as I know. Check it out on this site. I'd link it for you if I were any smarter lol


How many weeks are you planning on doing this for?

If it's only a short setup; then ya start thinking of other stuff. But if it's something you should be on for a few months....relax your brain.

And as far as "what should i do next?"....we can't really answer that.

It's 100% personal. I know what I'M doing next....and what other people I know SHOULD do...but it's all up to them.

Figure your goals, find some good threads on workouts....pick out one or two..and tweak it to fit YOU.


Plan on doing this for 8 weeks. I'm on week 3 now.

I've done exactly what you said as far as trying to find what program I'm going to next. It's probably just me but it doesn't seem like I've found a good variety of hypertrophy oriented programs out there (I'm still relatively new if that's not painfully clear).

I've researched HST, 5x5s and HIT. None of which really sound all that interesting to me. That's why I'm asking you guys for a little direction. Thanks!


Just a few ideas off the top of my head:

Pendulum bodybuilding:




(both from CT)

Also, if your gains haven't tapered off after eight weeks, there isn't any reason why you couldn't stay on OVT for longer...


Great! Thanks! I'll check out both


No problem! Personally I would go for Pendulum bodybuilding after OVT, then onto HSS-100 (seeing as you seem to have a preference for higher volume).

The reason being that Pendulum has less volume overall than HSS-100, and you'll get generally better results if you pair two contrasting programs together. So you're going from high volume (OVT) to lower/ moderate volume (Pendulum) and back to high volume (HSS-100).

But both are great programs, so it's entirely your choice!


I was thinking something along the lines of HST because of the dramatic difference in volume.

How's your OVT goin? Do you have a log? I'm in the second week of OVT and I am loving it so far (I have a log on this site). I just came off starting strength so I believe the increase in volume will yield some very good results.


Personally I love OVT. I'm going to enter my info for a log soon. I'm only at week 3 but can already see and feel a difference in myself. I cannot stress enough that the rest intervals and tempo of each rep is insanely important. Following them precisely makes so much difference.

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I researched the Pendulum Training system and the HST program. I think Pen. Trn. sounds like much more of a challenge but I think I'm going with HST. It's more of a contrast to OVT and the change could be nice.

I can't say enough that all I care about is getting bigger right now. Does anyone have experience with BOTH of these programs? Was one far superior than the other for mass?

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