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What to Do After Death by Layers?

Hey Ct,
Im currently in my 7th week of running your “Death by” layers that you originally posted to Hawaiituna Ive used it with bench press, deadlift, squat, sghp from hang and decline press but ran it with an extra rest day or 2 to account for the squatting as well as deadlifting. Added 5-10kg on all lifts quite easy so far and its helped me break out of a plateau ive been stuck in for probably over 9 months. So id like to say a big big thank you for putting the programme out there and the results its gotten me.

I was wondering if there was something specific youd reccomend using afterwards? I was thinking of just tinkering it a little to make it a little less intense (as I feel much longer could possibly lead to burn out) but without changing a template too much thats delivered good results. Maybe something like:

Ramp to 1RM
2 sets of 3 @ 90%
Ramp to 2RM
2 sets of 3 @ 90%
Double-pause layer (3-4 sets of 3) or some eccentrics?

So just removing the 3RM ramp and the 1 set of 3 and adding in something different.

As always any time you take to answer my question is much appreciated