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What to do About Stupid Girl?


So if any of you could give me any advice in this problem i have i would much appreciate it.

So last week my buddy and i went out to a town about 40 minutes away from where I live to hang out with some people we knew there. Now there were 3 girls one was my buddy's sister that i\I said i would drive home right. Now one of them texted me the day before and said she needed to be home by midnight "is that a problem"?. I simply replied "maybe" and never heard anything of it until 11:30 the next night when we were with our friends! Then suddenly shes says (while we were in the middle of having a fireworks fight in a tunnel) "Yeah so we're going to leave now everyone see you guys later lets go guys"!

And I just said "what are you talking about?" Then this whole awkward conversation which ended with me saying i never gave you a straight answer so "I'm going to go when I feel like going". By the way let me just mention she wasn't even invited to this night in the first place she invited herself. She's friends with the 2 other girls I'm driving home but they don't like her that much and are only really nice to her face. So then after more awkwardness I said "Well if everyone else in the car wants to go home right now I'll go home if not we stay until I feel like leaving" and they didn't want to go home right yet so she called her angry dad and he drove 40 minutes to pick her up and we left like ten minutes after him. Everyone there was so happy someone finally stood up to her and I was proud honestly that I didn't give into her.

Anyways we're going to this party tonight and she has bad mouthed me to her friends and they basically think shes an idiot for doing so this past week and honestly I'm having trouble on how to handle her in general. I think I might just control the evening and leave her being quiet in a corner somewhere but that might not be the best thing? I don't know, it's hard though because her whole family is mad at me right now and we're forced to see them a lot just because of where we live and how small the town is. If anyone could give me any advice on how I should deal with things, not so much tonight but just the problem in general I would be grateful. it just pisses me off that she won't shut up about something that's already happened and wasn't even that big of a deal. Thank you..


who cares she is not your wife


you could just punch her in the face for talking about you and then laugh


Just ignore her.


Who gives a shit and neither should you, just don't do anything. If her friends already know that she bad mouthed you, shes the one that now is the bitch. Why do you want to "handle" her in the first place.

If all else fails, stick it in her pooper.


retract my last statement, I would stick it in her pooper too


Ok lol thanks guys I will follow your advice since that's exactly what happenned last night. Her friends even started ignoring her now, it's all good;D


soooooo you put it in her pooper last night?!?!


glad everything worked out man