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What To Do About My Bones?


Ok, so one of the local colleges nursing program had a health fare at the gym where I work the other day . And one of the things they were offering was a bone density scan, Which I have never had done . So I figured what the hell it is free and nothing is wrong with me right ?

So the test begins and she is scaning my arm over the Radius and all is well untill she prints out my little graph showing my results. And come to find out I have osteopinya(sp) which is basicly the 1st step towards Osteoporosis she tells me . So needless to say I am kinda scared considering my age ,level of activity and general style of living .

So my question is should I be scared and what can I do to fight this ? As soon as I got ahold of this new info I began to take calcium and vitamin D which I have not been takeing in the past .

Also if stats help I am 21 year old white male with no family history of bone density problems .I lift 3 times a week and run/jog any where from 3-8 miles per week .
weight : 240
height: 6'2
BF : 16-18%
Thank you ahead of time for any comments .


Question: Did you drink a lot of soda when you were growing up?

I'm seeing a lot of this type of thing in teenagers.

Their parents let them drink Mountain Dew for every meal in lieu of milk while they were growing up.

In addition to not getting enough calcium from dairy products, the soda causes the bones to leech calcium.


It looks as if your scan was done on a small peripheral DXA machine or ultrasound. The DXA machines do not yet have a reference standard for normal peak young adult bone mass, and the ultrasound technique is relatively new and is not as precise as other methods. Check with an orthopedic MD as a follow up to your osteopenia diagnosis.


No when I was growing up milk was force fed to me I drank around 2-3 glasses a day till I was about 15. And did not have alot of soda .


The lowest rate of Osteoperosis for any country is Japan and they coincidentally also have the lowest milk consumption of all developed countries. However, they have a very high rate of Vitamin D consumption and also consume plenty of fruits and vegetables which happen to be loaded with boron.

Here is what I would do if I were you:

  1. Get another test from a different and well respected source.

  2. If you are concerned about bone density continue to lift weights and consume more Vitamin D and something called boron which can be taken in supplemental form or in fruits and veggies.

  3. Don't worry about it everyone has something. Doctors told me that I had sever arthritis in my neck when I was 29. 20 years later I still have no pain and have incredible mobility. Were the doctors wrong? Or have I staved off any problems because of my spartan health regime? Who knows? What you might have can be fixed either nutritionally and with exercise or with meds.



"spartan regime"

had to laugh at that

i also drank milk all the time as a kid,to get out of drinking water,and i still drink it because i like it,but yes like ZEB said get a follow-up...school nurses are "rounded" so a specialist is the best bet


You can further expand this to other "foods" (apologies for calling Soda a food...):

Foods that provide an acidic response in the body can contribute to bone loss. Do a search for "body pH" and you'll find lots of books that discuss this. The essence is: your body NEEDS to be slightly alkaline, for health reasons. When you consume a food that gives an acidic response (and the list is long...) the your body WILL neutralize it, as a very high priority metabolic issue. If necessary, it will take calcium and other minerals from...guess...yes, your bones, to neutralize said acid. Rinse and repeat often enough, and you get bone density issues.

Good news: quite reversible for you, as youth is on your side. Cut out the acidic drinks / foods, keep lifting (heavy) weights to stimulate further bone growth, and get your essential nutrients up (minerals AND vitamins).

Here's a source for information on healthy foods - it's a great free site with excellent information. I pre-searched for their tips on "osteoporosis" problems. Here's the summary of their recommendations:

"A healthy diet can prevent or mitigate the damage caused by osteoporosis."

"Eat More:

  • Organically grown fruits and green leafy vegetables;
  • Dairy products (if you don?t have sensitivity to milk products);
  • Cold water fish (September 8, 2003)

*Avoid coffee, soft drinks, refined sugar and excess salt".

The information is worth a read IMHO. Don't look there if you like pizza and coke though, it's not yet made the "healthiest foods list...". :slight_smile: Good luck to you!