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What to Do About Gyno?

Dear People with gyno

How did you make it look better. Exercises etc. I have it and i’m 16. It kinda sucks.

I’ve had some since I was 12. Always complexed me. But you learn to accept your body. ALSO HAVING BIGGER PECS

I second getting bigger pecs, and think losing fat would also help…do some dips/pushups/DB bench as assistance work (or whatever you want) and do some type of conditioning 2-4 times a week while also eating well. Should minimize the issue, if not completely take care of it.

Mine never went completely away even at sub 10 :’(

Has an MD or even better, an Endocrinologist made this diagnosis?

-90% chance you’re just untrained with some puppy fat still
(Unless been messing around with steroids/hormonal supps?)


My nips get puffy


Try this thread to see the results possible by a poster above, with gyno. I think you might be surprised how awesome you can look by just working really really hard and not worrying about this kind of stuff.


Thanks you’re very kind! We’ll always have bodyparts that we don’t like anyway so we either embrace them or have surgery lol


Facts bro. If I looked like that I wouldn’t care about my gyno. It’s annoying when my nips poke through my shirt because I actually have a pretty muscular chest.

So how did you do it. Tell me everything.

5 years of hard training… there’s never a secret!

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That was essentially my point, yes. You’re a pretty young dude. Imagine waking up at 23, looking like @aldebaran, and worrying about gyno.


For clarification you haven’t messed with anything that might have caused it?

Nah man.

You have soreness ? My son had the same issue at your age . It came up fast and cleared up in a few months.

Tbh it used to be sore but not anymore for some reason