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What to Do About Depression?


What do you do about it?

I'm feeling down....


Man I am a total bitch, I'm just going tow work out.


I like your response, I always feel better after a workout.


even though you've pissed me off on other threads i'm all about second chances and you sound really down.

The happiest people around are thoes that have really rewarding jobs, people like charity workers. People who work for nothing in third word contries and are surrounded by death and poverty. It sound counter intuative, but there you go. I'm not surgesting you give up your job and work in africa, but even the rewarding feeling of giving blood can make you feel better about yourself.
Try giving something to someone in need and see how that makes you feel about yourself.


I'm sorry I've been a lil bitch in some articles, thanks for the help. It's just that, I look at life the wrong way right now. I'm not wasting time, this is my life, and I do have lots to look forward to. I am in control, sitting around a bitching is for women, doing no matter what, is the way of warriors.


Wukey's right about giving to someone in need. It doesn't have to be anything more than a bit of time and you'll feel fantastic.

I got called to a patient the other day just before I left work (she had a problem with her laptop that she'd brought in). Strictly speaking it's not my job to deal with things like that but I went anyway. Her computer problem was fixed in ten minutes but I spent another hour or so just chatting to her because she was bored.

Turned out she's in for terminal care and won't be with us much longer which is sad in some respects, but the effect on me of chatting with her openly and having a laugh means she'll be with me for a long time now.
I went home on a high - It's true that if you give a little, you'll recieve much more in return.

I know I had an effect on her too - several of our nurses have mentioned how much happier she's been since we talked. I'm going to pop in for an hour tonight after work and see how she's doing.


respect, i've got alot of time for people like you.


i'm not one to hold a gruge and it looks like you listen to what is said to you, which is a very admarable trait.
but, bitching is for bitches, not women.


You got it right, you answered your own question. Get out to the gym, get out and do something, anything.
In my experience, it is a vicious cycle. Depression creates laziness, which creates boredom, which creates depression. Soon, you find yourself sitting in a dark room, glued to your couch, not wanting to do anything. If you get out and do something, you will feel (even just a little) better.
Another thing I like to keep in mind is it will get better. It may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better.
Depression over two weeks can be considered clinical, and it may be a sign something bigger is wrong. Occasionally feeling blue for a few days is normal.
Something else I want to remind you about. My job is to take care of soldiers. They are a thick headed bunch and afraid of showing weakness. Depression is not a weakness, and it takes a strong man to seek help. I'm not saying you need help. But, you know what is normal, you know when something is wrong. If something is wrong, and you can't shake it, there is no shame in it, help is available, and you aren't a bitch for getting to it.
Good luck, hope things brighten up for you.


I use iron supplementation. 10 or 20 thousand pounds a day, several days a week seems to do the trick.


Whatever you do, don't start getting coked out on psych drugs.


On top of what some other people said, I've found a good comedy show/standup/movie goes a long way into feeling a little better.


Go to Wal-Mart. You'll always be able to find someone there that's worse off than you.


Iron: The new miracle drug.


I like being depressed. I like being happy I like the ups and downs of life.

When I'm depressed I accept it. I got into as sorry a state as I can for a few minutes, I make sure I know that i"m depressed and not to do anything crazy. I plan. plan my workouts, my nexts moves, and next skill look at what got me to this point and how to correct it. Then I just concentrate on achieving very small incremental goals, then wait for the goodtimes to roll in baby!!!!!


When I loaded the front page this morning, the threads were ordered like this:

What to Do About Depression?
Which Handgun Do You Suggest?



Listen to some music (not depressed ones) you can dance too.

Or watch the evolution of the dance:

Watched a million times; I'm still laughing at it.


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find anything at all to get your mind off what's bothering you. that's all i can really say. i was in a horrible state of mind for about six weeks (coming to indiana for college from california) and ever since i realized i made a mistake, i've felt better. is there something underlying that you have done that makes you feel this way?