What to do About Da Salmon?

So I’ve decided to take Beardi’s articles to heart like a good little t-man and up my fish intake. I was eating tuna packed in canola oil, then noticed it had hydrolyzed SOY protein in it. Out goes the tuna. I thought this was a good time to try salmon.
Here’s the problem: The salmon taste is so strong I ended up gagging. (I’m sensitive to seafood, it causes a gag reflex sometimes) I’ve mixed it up with cottage cheese, but it doesn’t help much.
Any ideas on disguising the taste?

You gotta buy the good stuff dude…the canned salmon I usually buy runs about 5 bucks a can (that canuk $$), but I usually empty the shelves once it goes on sale. Try a bit of mayo and some curry powder, or some dill…its pretty decent.

Mix it with 1 tbsp mayo (Saffola has the best fats) and some chopped onion. Horseradish would work, as would mustard.

Buy fresh salmon. Right now farm raised Atlantic salmon is on sale for 2.99 a pound here. That’s about what canned salmon is and the taste is more mild.

If you have money, and don’t worry too much about sodium, smoked salmon isn’t bad once in a while.

I’ve also used good tuna (solid white albacore) packed in water. I add 1 tbsp of flax oil to a drained can and add mustard and sometimes chopped boiled egg.

I just bought this chicken of the sea vacuumed packed salmon like the tuna is in now. It’s not that fishy tasting and has 350mg of Omega 3’s per serving. I like to put Lowry’s seasoned salt on it if you are worried about your sodium intake.

hey just buy tuna packed in water instead of oil its right on the can. But beeing from Alaska i say eat all the salmon you can lol
you could also try lemon juice cuts the fishy taste

Thanks for the ideas. I’ll give them a shot. I took a close look at the canned fish at my store and most have that &*#$^&ing soy in it. Even the water packed and albacore.

Rubberman, what brand makes that canned salmon you buy?

Go to a real store where they don’t sell cheap shit. Seriously, most of the cheap brands have soy in them, probably cause half their tuna is dolphine and they need to up the protein content. And you don’t need to eat only salmon, there are other deep water fish that also have a very good fat profile.

lol, cmon a tiny bit of soy shouldnt cause you to stop eating tuna…

The brand I buy is Clover Leaf, red pacific sockeye salmon; ingredients: red sockeye salmon, salt. Per 100g 17g pro, 10g fat. 213g can

I don’t know what brand you are buying, but i buy starkist packed in water, and there is no soy in it. I am only paying .49 a can. If your samon is fishy tasting, then it is of questionable quality. Sockeye salmon are have a higher fat content, there for they have a stronger flavor. You would probably enjoy the farmed atlantic salmon more. Make sure it is fresh when you buy it, it should have no fishy smell what so ever, and the flesh should be firm and moist, not slimy sticky, or dry.

I wouldn’t think a little bit of soy would hurt me, but since I’m going to be eating about a can a day, I was wondering if the soy would accummilate over a period of time, or flush out of the system.

I’m just starting to learn about the importance of nutrition, so I can get somewhat confused about how much of something would be good/bad.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll look for the fresher stuff tonight.

I suppose I could always add some canola or olive oil to the water-packed tuna if I still have problems with the salmon.