what to cook with-butter/oil

I’m trying to cut down on trans-fatty acids and other sat fats. I usually cook with olive oil but shouldn’t do that b/c heating the oil changes the properties and is bad for you. So if cooking with butter/margarine is also bad, what do you use to cook with?

Cook with an oil that has a low smoke point. Butter is worse that olive oil. Try using rice bran oil or grapeseed oil, both have very high smoke points. If you do use olive oil, do not use extra virgin, use second or third pressing,or a blend.

If you want to cut down on Trans-fats and Saturated Fats, Olive Oil is your best bet. Polyunsaturates are unstable at high temperatures, so it’s best to avoid them. (Among other reasons) Monounsaturates are actually fairly stable, second only to saturated fats. Butter is a combination of mono/sat fat, if I recall correctly.

I just recently heard differently. He suggested to cook with REAL Butter. When cooking with olive oil, the heat destroys the good qualities in the oil but oil still will not have any bad qualities. Making it so-to-say “neutral”.

Who is “he”? And what is “he” basing this info on?

one really good cooking oil is ghee (clarified butter). You can buy it in some health food stores, or easily make it yourself(search on line for a recipe). it has a high burn point and anti bacterial properties, plus imparts a great flavor to foods…

Berardi answered this in issue 202. For baking olive oil for frying, butter.

I made a mistake, my original post should have said,“use an oil with a HIGH smokepoint”.