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What to Consume During a Workout?

So i’d like to start taking a shake of some sort to drink during my workouts. Only i want to make it myself and make it from basic natural food or close to natural, stuff i can buy at the supermarket. Supplements are pretty damn expensive and i’m skeptical if most of them are worth the money. The 3 things i’m concerned with are:

Preventing muscle breakdown
Providing fuel for the muscles to burn
Keeping my energy up

Is it even possible to concoct such a shake without having to buy supplements? What would ya’ll recommend for ingredients?

Something that has done all of those things for me was BCAA’s. They can be kind of expensive depending on the dosage (I was taking about 15 grams a workout). If you can afford them, add them to your workout.

P.S. make sure the diet is good in check or they will do nothing.

Good point ty. As always, if nutrition isn’t in check, then spend your money there.

I would also recommend the BCAA’s, I’ve taken a notice to their results. At the very least I would suggest something like Surge - simple sugars with some quick-acting protein.

Not chocolate milk.

Emergen-C works great for me

thanks i will look into those

WPI + banana + honey/sugar + BCAA works for me

A few scoops of gatorade powder, 1 or 2 scoops of whey isolate with BCAA in it and 5-10g of creatine add water to achieve the texture you desire. Start sipping it on the way to your workout and finish it about 15 minutes before the workout ends.

That’s as cheap as it gets.

Then have your PWO shake of course.

I go with glutamine and BCAA’s and Glutamine/Bcaa/protein post workout if you dont take any kind of carbs in.

bcaas always work for me