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What to Consume After Workout?


I do not take supplements whatsoever, so I need you all to either a NON-BULL...S product, or a food alternative that can do well. I am sick of having chocolate milk after the workout with more egg whites, it seems to increase my fat intake too much. Post Shake or meal or whatever right after my workout.

Thanks in advance


haha kidding, well try Biotest products. Theres nothing wrong with supplements.


Unfortunately, there is a lot of "stuff" in these products that I really don't want to be putting into my body, at least with food ( to a certain degree obviously) I know what's going in



I consider post-workout nutritional supplements, along with protein powders, to be food. You know, a precise blend carbs, protein, and fat.

I understand if you wish to stay away from "supplements" out of principle, but there's really not much in there that won't also be found in food.


When it comes down to it, the supplement industry is a business plain and simple, It's weird to me that GNC and Nutrition House etc, sell stuff that is knowingly shit, for example hydroxycut so acclaimed etc etc can't even be purchased in Canada now. I just don't want crap and I know Biotest products are probably the best out there but once again, it is money driven to a degree unfortunately.

All in all I want a good post workout recipe made up of food, or a proper protein powder which is very hard to find since they are all "Proven to give top results, add 5x more lean mass, etc etc etc"


Gym's also make money, do you go to a gym? Farmers grow their crops to make money...


I hear you.

But, the food industry is also a business. One that's also just as likely as poor supplement companies to skimp on quality ingredients in the name of profit.

Not trying to push post-workout supplements on you, but if it's "real food" you want, you probably aren't going to find something much "better" than chocolate milk, which I never found to be all that effective for me.

But I'd think about reading up on Surge Recovery since your chosen drink has you opting for protein and carbs, or Grow! Whey if you want a straightforward, quicker digesting protein to pair with the carbs of your choice.

Anyway, it's up to you, so make the best of it!


While I disagree with your thoughts on supplements, here are my thoughts:

If you are going to stick to completely whole food sources, and not powder supplements (ie: whey), then I would actually focus more on what you eat before your workout. Solid meals tend to break down slower during digestion, so if you eat a good amount of protein before your workout it's probably going to be getting into your muscles during and after your workout. Then have a fast digesting carb source right after your workout, which I'm sure you're already aware of: such as a sports drink or bagel or something sugary.

You can always buy basic whey protein powders. I used to use Designer Whey, I like the taste. The Biotest products are pretty good, but they are a blended protein, so it's up to you.


@ ethanwest

What type of meal should I eat before workout if I don't use supplements?


WTF, if OP hadn't mentioned he drinks egg whites, I would think he was a vegan from that little self-righteous over-paranoid rant.

Protein powder=protein. Protein isn't magical, you won't get "jacked" from taking a scoop a day. It's just another part of a good diet.

OP, what are your stats?


Ummm.. I don't know what OP stands for but if you talking to me my stats WERE back in August 2009

5'10 (Same height)
150 (Same weight, eating is stabilized)
Deadlift 160
Squat 175
Bench 1

Yes they aren't that great, and I was improving but school got in the way, now that i'm going to university next year I can easily train all year round and I am going to start up again this summer


Pizza and beer


You only bench one pound?

How do you even carry your arms? They must be more than one pound!

I think supplements are in need here.


haha sorry 130ish and forbes an actual meal idea unlike ethans?


Well it all comes down to goals, but two good options are a tuna sandwich or simply just milk (not the sugary choclate kind, its full of HFCS). It has carbs and protein, and is quick and easy. It may not be the most optimal thing, but nonetheless many people back in the olden days used to drink milk quite a bit.




I just have to ask.

How can you possibly have those stats and be asking these questions if you found this site over 2 years ago? How lazy are you?


Drink a liter of 2% milk. Also, start lifting.


Honesty Is the Best Policy


that's what happens when you're afraid of "supplements"

btw- original poster (OP), are you drinking organic chocolate milk? If not, STFU about supplements